Monday, 23 September 2013

In The Mission Field - Sept 16th Letter

So Elder Sullivan is now serving in the city of Santo Domingo as you will read in his latest letter below.  He was able to meet with the Mission President and his wife prior to heading into his area.  The pictures are attached below as well.
 Your mission is to find the difference between these 2 photos.  Here are both of Michael's letters from September 16th.

So I´m in the mission field and such! Yea! Um hopefully sometime you get the letter I sent... It has a map with my area and stuff. For such purposes I am in the capital Santo Domingo in zone Las Palmas, Area Ivan Guzman. It is really cool! I actually have a companion that speaks english wow. And all is going really really well. 6 days in and everything already smells bad since we sweat buckets. The heat is crazy it is definitely approaching 40 degrees everyday if not over with thick humidity. But otherwise its great. It feels so nice when a breeze comes through. I´m glad all is going well at home and your weather is perfect and such. I´m glad Dad is starting to feel better and hope that he heals well, I´m praying.
Anyway I quite like being a missionary and such! It is nice to feel busy all the time and teach real people! I am still trying to get to know them all, its rather difficult to get thrown in but I feel the spirit is helping me to know these people and I´m starting to lose my timidness. The life is really good. The only hard thing is the rule about food, as we are probably offending tons of people. Oh well, obedience. The people here are SO NICE and friendly and crazy and strange but overall excellent! Most people want to hear or talk about God and Christ and the Christian fervor is very strong here. It is such a pleasure to work here. I hope I keep getting better. I´m still not used to hearing people speak in Spanish and respond in Spanish, but it is coming. I practice mostly with the people here and also the other companions in our house. By the way our house is super nice compared to most! It is very new and clean! Some things in it don´t work or work very poorly but such it is everywhere. It is very cool though! The mosquitos are nasty here! It is hard to walk everyday in the hot sun, but it is well worth it to visit the nice people here, who all want to know what´s happening and learn something new. They also all think I´m korean. And 22. Or Chinese or something. And because I´m nervous I definitely don´t speak enough Spanish with them, even though most of the time I can say things. At times I really don´t understand them though. The accent is superbly thick here. But its really great! Houses and streets are kind of unique, I will have to send pictures! Which I don´t know how to do could you please enlighten me in the next email? Hope everything is well, since it is well here. Such a unique place. Full of crazy people. Teaching is going well, just our investigators an less actives never attend church. It seems to be a common problem here. People just don´t want to change their lives much. But we will get them! Somehow! I really want my companion to have a baptism, as he hasn´t yet. He is fresh out of training and is now traning me haha. He is from Mesa Arizona and his name is Elder Peterson. Super cool guy and very hard working and obedient and I hope we have success here.
So my cooking stinks by the way. But the bananas are really cool here. Oh and a couple other cool things. There are a lot of crazy people here. Like people who sit around or run around the streets all day doing nothing. Or are naked or something like that. Cars are crazy I hope I´m never an Asisstant and have to drive here I think I would die! Um, hope dad gets better I know how he feels with restriction and such. Everyone keep doing well at school!
One cool story. With a couple of investigators I have shared scriptures and testimonies with my companion, and its amazing how much spirit is with us. Even though the streets are loud and it is hard to hear, there is always the spirit. Whenever I testify I feel its power and hope the investigators do as well. I really hope they start coming to church, or they will not be able to enter the water. I hope good things are happening at home, especially the missionary work. Even though people are nice here, they have trouble with commitment, and so I hope we can be more firm and strong and help people realize the grand importance of what they are doing. I can see it in some of the recent converts, but it needs to be with all the people we teach. It is very humbling to sit in these people´s homes. It is humbling to often be with the spirit. I really need to improve spanish and teaching and everything. I know that I also bear our family name along with the name of Christ. That has become more important over the past 5 days. My things are going to wear out super fast, and I hope they do as a mark that we worked so hard to help people. Unfortunately, they have to cross that final gap. The way of God is parallel to the way of man, and each wrong act makes us diverge farther from God. We must repent, as even if we bring our lives in harmony with God, we are still parralel. We have to commit and change in order to once again converge, as no amount of good acts begrudngly completed makes up for it. I REALLY HOPE PEOPLE START COMMITING HERE. Anyway its only day 5.

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