Friday, 13 March 2015

March 9 2015

Hey everybody!

So, another beautifu week in Villa Altagracia, unfortately with not so great news, Elder Jones is leaving for San Cristobal, meaning I am going to be left all alone in Villa! Well, almost alone, apparently I will be receiving a ¨mini missionary¨ which means a member who lives somewhere in the mission who will be my companion for.... who knows how long? No one knows who it is, or why here all I know is that I am the only missionary in the mission with a mini and no other details haha. So that will be interesting.

Otherwise, all has been well. Today we did a bunch of farewelling in the district.

 Random tip, I might be writing on wednesday instead of monday next week for a temple trip...

So yeah we made pizza with the district and stuff, good times. Played this strange card game about the book of mormon, I think I won but only because I had an invincible combo that I think the creators didnt think about. So fun.

Um, we did a bunch of farewelling this week. Um, oh I did a split with our district leader who was here in Villa when he started the mission. Really cool, he helped us find this one less active we are teaching now and it was cool for him to see the old area and old friends of his, one couple that we are hoping to get married and baptized haha. It was fun and stuff, and the district leader almost matched me in P90X so I better start working out harder. 

Other cool things, we made some big steps with people. We got a little more direct on the getting baptized thing with people even not being married, we even set some long term goals with them. Looks good. We were teaching these two eternal investigators who are not married and Elder Jones got all direct about baptism with them, and the wife started ¨dando pela¨ or giving it to her husband that they were not married and needed to be keeping the commandments and stuff. It was crazy, but he came up all defensive and such. Well, Elder Jones started doing some crazy questioning and stuff and we uncovered that it turns out this guy just doesnt actually understand the Restoration, and so he doesnt believe that the bible can be the basis of religion nor all the bad religious leaders of the past that have created the modern religions. Turns out the restoration answers that doubt super well, so he was kind of taken back, and we plan to follow up there, especially since he sees more need to get married right now for social and financial reasons, so its looking up there. The ward is willing to help out, the new guy and I will be working on that. The bishop is pretty excited about working on some certain people, and so I think if we can get all the unmarried couples into position, the ward will help us get them married and free of nasty sin! We had some kind of repeat experiences with other people. One guy who can actually get married super easy if he and his wife will just do it, keeps on saying he needs a firmer answer, but he promised Elder Jones one day he would get baptized. We are going to see if we can make it sooner than later. He needs some more reading and praying, and a little push on the whole commitment thing, but its exciting to see maybe another marriage in the mission yeah!

Well, I cant think of too many other things. We had fun, preached a bunch, heard lots of boches from this one member who kept on talking about tithing, coming to church and reading the book of mormon. He gave a huge thing in priesthood about how people who work on sundays do not trust in the Lord´s promise of tithing, that they work because they dont trust giving him his day and his money, and he said that those people will always suffer financial problems and never feel peace of mind. Interesting point, I think I will never work on sundays no matter what, its not the biggest sacrifice in the world. It still strikes me in this ward the happiness of the married couples, and the apparent lack of peace in all the people just living together who arent members. Its gotta be commitment, and the commitment of some of the members is so apparent, and so they liev great peaceful lives, but our investigators are still missing that. I hope some of them can determine what they really want and go get it.

Contacted a lot of people this week. 100 in total. Good times, its nice to talk.

Played clue with the ward mission leader last week. Fun times, supposed to play today as well. Best thing since sliced bread!

Well its all good here and I have no complaints other than the whole mini missionary thing but I just need to be more patient haha.

Have a nice week!

Que el SeƱor les cuide siempre,
Elder Sullivan

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