Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Nov 18th Letter

Hola familia,

Well it sounds like you are all even busier than I am. I must be slacking. Or something haha. It sounds like the winter has arrived. I cant really picture that right now but Im sure it exists. Our weather is still pretty hot, although I believe it has cooled down a little because the wind has picked up. Like, a lot. Doesnt mean we do not sweat a ridiculous amount still.
I am glad Dad is getting better and all. You will probably be skiing even if you arent ready. Haha. You will also baptize Susannah notwithstanding whatever happens. Salvation is a unique thing that doesnt really care about worldly passings.  Im sorry that you guys have had some unfortunate passings (is that proper english?) with the snow and that Nana got hurt I hope everybody heals nicely and rapidly and that the weather isnt too brutal. Sorry your activities got cancelled I know how that feels. For sure. Lots of cancelling in the mission. And that means a lot of walking.
Speaking of injuries, my companion had one this week. So we were walking down la calle Mexico, the main street of our area, and it was dark. There was this bar of iron (that was super spanish grammar sorry) in our path and it was at the perfect height to hit just the top of his head. He fell to the ground and like bled a bit but didnt get concussed or head injury or anything. But we had to go back to the house and clean it and check it. So we called the district leader and then the zone leaders and then a bunch of different leaders like assistants and the office hasta Hermana Rodriguez. The cut was big, but not bleeding too much, so we were sent to the clinic. We rode in the truck of a member. Got to the clinic and found out only one person can accompany anyone into the medical area or so the guard said. So... I was left alone in the waiting room. Super awkward time. But my companion got three stitches and some strange shots and some antibiotic pills and yeah it was okay! Absolutely every leader in the mission called me. I talked with Hermana Rodriguez 5 times, which is like a lot of contact for one missionary with Hermana, and the assistants a whole lot more. Overall, it was kind of a huge fiasco but nothing bad happened at all. My companion got the stuff and is good and I talked on the phone a lot. So all is well! (The doctor cut a lot of Elder Peterson´s hair to do the stitches... he has like an empty spot now... it looks funny hahahaha). Luckily Hermana Rodriguez is super nice and so are the assistants and everyone and everyone cares about Elder Peterson a lot so it is super cool! Bit of excitement for everyone to shake up the day a bit, and I am just super glad my companion is okay and that nothing bad happened. So for anyone going on a mission, try not to get hurt AT ALL. Especially in the Dominican. It will be a big deal. For sure. Anyway, dont worry, all is well! Elder Peterson feels just great! We just had the leaders freak out a bit (especially Hermana Rodriguez when I called her and I was totally alone in a waiting room full of women. She accepted it in the end, but it was super uncomfortable in there. At least I wasnt getting the weird medical treatment at least haha). So good times!
Interesting thing about the washing here, its not actually my white shirts that dont get very clean (most peoples turn yellow over time just from wear and tear), they just never smell very good, especially my pants. It has something to do with the drying method I think. At least everywhere else smells bad as well so it really doesnt matter haha. And I buy the cheap detergent of course. Missionaries are so POOR! Haha.
So, my news about the area is that we are superbly close to having a baptism! This week its going to happen. Our awesome investigator who I told you about who came to church just because we left a card and all is definitely set on being baptized saturday. He is so cool and awesome I cant even get over it stil haha. He just chills with us. He testified with some new people in the church just like a member and fits in the ward perfectly (other than his clothes). So strong and awesome and cool. The small amount of guilt I heard him speak with one time during lessons about the commandments is totally gone and he is just excited. Unfortunately, he is so busy that we probably will only see him for the interview and the baptism. Ah well. Always something. But he also gave us this awesome reference of a friend of his. The member who is helping us here has been super good about inviting his ¨posse¨ to church and everything and we now have another super cool young guy who wants to learn! And they signed up on the missionary salir list thing (like, when they can come with us to preach list thing) even when basically all the other members didnt even sign up. Huzzah! Ice cream all round (that is happening tonight YEAAAH!) It is like having this awesome little group of guys our age who are our friends, but we all can share the most important and special thing any of us could possibly have in this life, so it makes our friendship deeper and so much more meaningful in so short a time. YEAAAAH. It was super cool to actually do in our weekly planning a session on people getting baptized haha. We finally got to teach tithing to someone.
Our other investigators are really progressing too. Their church attendance has really improved and their commitment to reading and other things has really improved. Super cool people. We have this great pool of investigators now, and it was really cool to see them from square one up to here. When I came, we had almost no one, and now we have a bunch of people progressing. They all have friends in the church (at least one super good one) and it is such a pleasure to teach them all. The only thing everyone lacks (other than the guy getting baptized) is the faith to just go and sacrifice it all. This one mom we teach is really doing a lot better with church attendance now and it is such a huge sacrifice of her work because Sunday is such an important day for a hair salon, but she is at least coming to sacrament meeting. Her other commitments are solid too, but she needs to find faith now to really be sure of it all. Her son too is super cool. He fell behind a bit because of heavy exams in the last month, but he is still interested and seems set on entering the church. He has some good recent convert friends too. I hope he can testify of the church really soon. Such a smart person and receptive person deserves something for their work.
Anyway, I suppose that is about all the interesting things. I am glad all is well with you guys and you are having your own amazing experiences (even if they are in the civilized world haha). Please always remain my wonderful faithful family. Take care of yourselves. Take care of my friends. Get those slackers of my friends on their missions ready to preach like beasts! BE GOOD! Carry on. 
Anything else in a package? Um... I dunno. Candy maybe??? Snow??
Con todo mi amor siempre. I am always praying for all of you and hope everything goes well. 
Amor para siempre,
Elder Sullivan
PS How do you make fried rice?

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