Monday, 25 November 2013

Nov 25th Letter

Querida Familia,

Hey so it is your son! And stuffff.

Yeah we are all fine! Elder Peterson´s stitches got removed by a nurse and everything and we are doing great and so far it looks fine (according to my great medical experience at least). This is our last week together (Im not going to be fresh in the field anymore, que triste) but it was a really good one and we have all these good investigators and stuff now (too bad the rumour is we will soon be whitewashed to have sisters put in this area). We actually just today got the email from Sister Gardner about meeting you guys and thank you for your opinion about her, it was noted in the record and we laughed. Lucky for you, I am sending pictures of the baptism, which we had by the way! Um also, what I think I will do about the pictures, is buy an SD card here and a USB stick and send you the SD card when it is full. Also sending the cord for the camera would be ok (I actually dont have it, just the charger). So you will recieve a bunch of my pictures eventually when the card fills up! And then you can send it back blank! I also finally recieved that Thanksgiving package on friday from the office. It is super neat thank you and send all my wishes and love and awesomeness (I know you are all lacking it) to everyone! So yes, packages from Canada appear slow. From the States they arent actually very slow. It might also be timing issues with the office as well. Not sure. Anyway, it came. The pictures are cool (although I still dont understand the picture of Dad´s face... I didnt forget how you look! It looks good though haha). The hand control is super neat! I sure hope I dont have to drive here though! 
I am glad everything is going great and you guys are seeing the temple and everything and that life is great in the cold white north! I do hope that everyone´s health improves though! Know that I pray for it! Carry on! A vencer! All it really takes is faith and our work and the rest is taken care of!
So I suppose I will talk about our most exciting news so far, THE BAPTISM!

You already know the story of how he came to church just because we left a card, but I would like to relate a bit of what he said after the interview (in spanish? haha kidding). He said that he just had liked listening to us but really didnt know why or what it meant, just that it was pretty cool. After we had stopped visiting him, he really missed whatever it was that we brought with us ¨Donde estan Elderes Peterson y Sullivan?¨Eventually, we left ¨la tarjeta¨ at his house to say he should come to church. What a coincidence (I THINK NOT!) that the same week a member happened to move in the same apartment complex and was looking for the church, and happened to ask our investigator as he knew him a little. And they went together. The investigator felt the great peace of the church, and from then on found his testimony (which he frequently bears and it is so great!). The baptism was great, Elder Peterson did it (because he was the biggest, and could help our investigator the most hahahaha). It was such a great joy to see in everyone´s eyes, especially Javier´s the great joy of having entered the kingdom of God. I think the best way to actually find testimony and the joy of Christ is not in our own, but in the eyes of others. It was truly a great joy to embrace together as hermanos. I really cannot wait to be in heaven with that guy!!! And all his friends he referred! WOW! I suppose you guys felt the same on the same day. I really remembered so much of what it means to be a disciple of Christ, and I hope you have also felt the same. After all our work here, finally the fruits are blooming. I suppose the grace of God makes up after we put in all that we have. We really saw nothing, but all of a sudden someone just found what they truly wanted. And now he is our greatest of amigos here. I hope he serves a mission. And yeah, es asi. 
Our other investigators are pretty cool. Lots of them are keeping with everything but coming to church and having a testimony, but the friends of Javier and his member friend dude have made like a little posse at church, and they are all really excited to keep coming to church and find out more about the gospel (and they want to be baptized, and their parents are cool with it!) One of our kid investigators who will eventually be baptized showed us this maquina thingy. He put a match head in it and hit it on the wall and it made this huge gunshot sound. Made my ears ring! Right after that, some little kid was playing with poop right beside us and his mom called out ¨hey, carlitos, why do you want to play with poop? STOP IT!¨and after that the investigator and his friend couldnt stop laughing or saying ¨Carlitos wants to play with poopooo!¨It was still a good lesson, somehow. 
Que mas? We are doing cool stuff pretty soon in the Christmas conference. Some sort of skit where I play the wife of an agitated and angry couple. FUN. I yell at my kid a lot. hehe. It is a really good skit though, and amongst all the chistes there is a message of some sort. I guess. 
Our new agreement for our ward is instead of fixing it, we are going to rebuild it with all the jovenes we are finding! Huzzah!
Thank you for the fried rice idea, we will actually have a use for old rice now! We actually cook really well now and eat almost like kings! Sort of. Maybe poor kings or something like that.
All is well and we keep working and the work is growing! Keep it going where you are as well, as we have really seen the members make the difference. Someone needs to be in church for the investigator to sit with them, visit with them and be another testigo (witness) of the truth. It doesnt happen without friends. I hope everyone keeps getting better in health and spirit! I have learned a lot about loving the people, that I am Christ´s representative and to be like him, I better love everyone here. I have come to wake up every morning for the people I am going to see that day, not because this mission is my duty, but because the people need something that I have. I hope you all find this same feeling as well. You always have my love. Never forget that we are together forever. 
Con amor,
Elder Sullivan
PS Ants taste bad. In beans especially.

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