Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dec 9/10 Letters

We panicked as parents when we did not receive a letter from Elder Sullivan on Monday, Dec 9th.  So we called the mission home and sent an email.  Here is the response we received from the Assistant to the Mission President, Elder Arana:

Brother and Sister Sullivan,

My name is Elder Arana and I am writing you to let you know that your son, Elder Sullivan is having a great time here on his mission. We would like to explain the reason as to why he was not able to email you guys yesterday. Yesterday we had our Christmas activity and we finished the activity at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, so I am guessing that by the time he got to his area, it was time for him to end his P-Day and go out and work. We applaud his desire to keep the mission rules and dedicate himself to the Lord but we also understand your concern which is why we would like you to know that everything is fine and we assure you that next Monday you will receive pictures and a long email from Elder Sullivan about what has happened on his mission in these past two weeks. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to write us at this email or call us at the numbers below. Thank you for everything and have a nice day.

Elder Arana y Elder Rincón 
Asistentes de la Misión Santo Domingo Oeste

Perhaps a few parents had sent messages because, the next day...  we received a letter.


So we had our christmas devotional for all missionaries in the capital yesterday, so we were given half an hour today to write. I hope you are all doing alright in spite of the cold of Canada.The weather is still hot here, however the nights have cooled down considerably I think. Or maybe I just cant stand the cold anymore haha. 

I am glad everyone is doing better and you all are having good times at home. Thank you for still partying and everything. By the way, that package you sent came last week on friday. I guess at christmas they go to the post office a lot and the timing happened good so it didnt take a ridiculous amount of time to arrive. Thank you so much for everything! The house is rejoicing now that we have a rugby ball, and I am too (especially with the japanese candies)

The book of mormon I dropped was my spanish hard cover that we have to take in our hand while we walk around preaching, dont worry. It is still alive. I may need a new picture of the family soon though haha since I taped one to the cover and if the cover happens to die I will need another photo. Sorry I cant send pictures this week.

My new companion is Elder Jarvis from Riverdale Utah. He is great. His spanish is progressing and all. We are hoping that a lot happens with our investigators and all.

I actually had the chance to go through the temple today and I saw the new video in it and everything. It is really cool. I did the whole thing and spanish and that was really special, to actually do the session in the language of the deceased person and everything. I felt really good this time, especially with the video, and hope sometime all my dear friends here can become converts and go through the temple as well, maybe even with me.

So training is kind of cool and really fun. I found it very natural to just suddenly take lead talking with everyone and wondered why I never did it. I still dont teach all that well and the whole having to plan everything is a little strange and difficult still. I got lost during the trip to the temple and the trip to the office, clearly I only get revelation about our own proselyting area. I got like, REALLY lost. But its fine. I like doing more now with the lessons and trying to make decisions more for the investigators. I hope I havent messed up too badly. Anyway, training is actually really fun and I like preaching as a senior companion for sure. Lots of fun for everyone! I hope we get people rolling here soon and comitted to the faith and everything. 

So I am running out of time. Love you all and everything. I will send something to tasha when I can.

Thanks and all my loveeee
Elder Sullivan

So it looks like packages from Canada can get there in less than a month.  He may get a birthday package after all.

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