Friday, 17 January 2014

Dec 21st Letter - Post Dengue

Hola familia mia,

So I hope everything is still great. I am glad the office was all nice to you guys and stuff and sorry for not writing until tuesday, and writing this week extremely late. This transfer has been superbly hectic and a little overwhelming in far too many aspects.

Right now I am fine and stuff. I didnt write because I had dengue for a couple days, but I recovered a lot faster than normal and I am doing just fine again (and really happy to be able to leave the house and work again). So really sorry about not writing. Dengue is a pretty deabilitating thing. I kind of just laid in bed for a few days with a fever drinking this rehydration liquid stuff called suero. And then to end I got a rash and now I appear to be fine. Yeaaah. So really good times here. I have only had 2 days of full proselyting this entire transfer so far. 

I guess I should tell you my companion isnt with me anymore and now it is just Elder Diaz and I battling in Ivan Guzman, a two missionary district! So I suppose times have been rough but we look forward to working here. We are thinking this may last the rest of this transfer until they figure out something to get us back up to regular numbers with companions and such. It has been reallllyyy strange but the president was really nice about everything and handled it really well.

So sorry about everything but it has been a super weird and different time around here. I feel great now (before no, but now yeah). Thanks for everything and your patience and love. I hope everything goes really well for the rest of the week. Thanks for the packages (I recieved the other one too) and I am enjoying them now (when I had dengue, no haha). 

Ok so the important bits. We are figuring out how to do a skype thing on wednesday (christmas day). So, we have to find some computer to do the skyping on with decent internet and other conditions (which we think has all been done). You need to send me our skype adress in email so I can call. I will be calling probably around 3, but it would be best if you were available anytime from 2 until 4 (that is my time). So yeah, 2 to 4. I believe your time difference is 4 hours or something because of daylight savings. Im not entirely sure on exact details. Anyway, 2 to 4. I need the skype address with as much information as possible to find it without too much trouble. You will want the best internet connection possible on your end, since mine may not be all that great. Thanks so much! That will happen on christmas day (its our new pday for that week). 

Con amor siempre,

Elder Sullivan

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