Sunday, 23 February 2014

Feb 17th Post

Hello famillllyyyy!
I hope everything is going really well. It is nice to hear that you are all enjoying the winter skiing rather than freezing and doing nothing. haha. We are all doing fairly well, getting fat and lazy but otherwise doing very well. So keep exercising or it happens. Try not to kill the other people you guys are skiing with and I hope you guys are safe on the roads and everything. Dont break your back father, it is a fairly delicate thing. 

I am glad that the funeral service was nice and that the Lonsdales are doing alright and that they have so much support on earth and from Heaven. I will try to send the Lonsdales something soon and hopefully it will reach them before I come home. 

I am glad you are receiving pictures from Elder Herrmann, I am actually sending a few today even (yeah!). Found a working USB port finally somewhere in the DR. Thanks for the cool pictures from you guys, sorry my half is somewhat poor. I am thinking of sending the SD card whenever I leave this area (so, maybe next week, or in two more months) to have a fresh card for a fresh area so you can have a library of my last area and be sent some cool ones whenever I get a new one (as if that will ever happen). Elder Diaz thinks we will leave this transfer, but he has said that for months now and it has yet to happen. Ah well. Ivan Guzman is basically the DR, right?

So everything is still pretty normal. We are finally mobile again, although it is difficult to adjust back into normal schedule having been off of it for so long. Hopefully we adjust, because we shall be walking LOTS. We have decided with much prayer and thought, that we need to get out into different parts of the area and really kind of stop visitng people who are not progressing so we can find people who are truly prepared. Good revelation and advice for sure, the area smells of stagnation haha. Elder Diaz has had two baptisms though this month, and two more on the way and the ward is really changing we are managing to get people more excited, interested and involved in missionary work. Elder Diaz described it really well. He said ¨The Lord has called a bunch of new missionaries and a new ward mission leader in order to humble this area. Being new, we dont know what to do, so we will look to the Lord, and this is his plan. That we do the work in his manner.¨ Not an exact quote but something like that. And it really is true. I still barely know anything about how to do this work or how it all really works but really its the Lord´s work, so we need not fear! If we humble ourselves before the Lord, He will have us do it in his manner, in his great and glorious ways. 

Our investigators... well most are stagnating or need something or just need time. Most just need to read the book of mormon and pray and truly receive the Spirit so they want to do the things God asks of them. I really am worried for them and hope they can continue sometime when they have the desire to know. It has been especially sad to see people who cant get baptized because of not being married. Sometimes one of them wants to receive the church, but is held back by their not really spouse person who doesnt want marriage and doesnt want the gospel either. We are working with that, but its going to be really tough. We have some eternal dry members in the ward, and it kind of discourages them that their family wont agree. Ah well, we try. We are getting some sucess in certain areas. Found the cousin of our ward mission leader and her husband. They are super cool. I mean, the wife just wants to get married and baptized, the husband is a little more reluctant but still super cool. WE MAY HAVE PROGRESS THEY LIKE CHURCH A LOT!! Well we shall see. They sort of read and stuff and are pretty cool and live with our ward mission leader until they can move into their house here in our area. COOOOL We are also exploring the area more and finding new neighbourhoods that are promising some sucess. Humble people. Members in need of visits. Partial families. Lots of people to help. And it looks kind of pretty. Even though it is as poor as poor kind of gets. But those are the people! Lots of evangelical church types though. But according to Presidentl, they make good members after they are converted so we have to teach them. 

Otherwise the weather is good. I cant complain. Some weird bugs are eating us. We receive more money than we used to. I eat fancy ramen with veggies and eggs in it. I cook like a beast and make awesome food. I hope all your adventures are going really well. That Christina takes care doing the most awesome thing ever in OE! That Tasha does well and gets married and has a good time (those pictures I sent are her birthday gift because nothing is better than my beautiful face with a beautiful sunset. Am I right?

As you all know, I always pray for you and always hope the best and hope that someday all these great people I have met here can join us to be together as the family of God forever. I gave a super last minute talk in church before having to sing with the choir. The choir piece was really cool a person from the CCM came to play the violin. And my talk was super thrown together but apparently people really liked it or something. Im sure they just say that and I probably said something really weird in spanish. Oh well. It was about the Atonement, and what it means to us and what we are here to do in life. I would like to let you all know that I know if we do the work of the Lord, it will just continue forever. If not, well then it doesnt. I hope we all learn how to love, appreciate, understand, serve and really become children of God with his grand divine potential. That you all keep safe. I hope you can feel of the Spirit the way I have here in the mission. How he just arrives in that precise moment. I have seen it either change people entirely, just for a moment or seen them harden their hearts against him. I hope that you may always have the Spirit as a companion, as he will never falter or fail us, even when we are apt to do so. I hope I learn to understand all this more and more.

I love you all
Les quiero, les amo y que le Senor siempre les cuide en sus manos de misericordia y gracia.
Elder Sullivan

PS What is snow like? I kind of forgot.

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