Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Feb 4th Letter - a day late

Queridisima Familia

Oops sorry the computer lagged out there. Anyway, where was I? Oh right. So discouragement is a rough thing and can really destroy faith, hope, charity and basically your whole life (as president and the zone leaders say) so you have to just seguir adelante, continue onwards. Never be discouraged. I mean, it always looks pretty hard, but I am really glad that I learned not to be discouraged ever. I really learned even more of that from Elder Herrmann, being such a nice and friendly and happy guy just to like, do stuff. Really good. I am so glad to have a companion like him and to feel the strength of his testimony around in lessons. There is a reason we go two in two and not alone. Support is so important. And its a lot more fun that way too. We took a bunch of awesome sunset photos (does that sound gay? it really wasnt) that I will send when the USB ports function. Haha. But it is really good and all to be with such a cool companion doing cool things and he is really nice and stuff. We often discuss our similar ideals and stuff. Hopefully I dont talk to much and sound like an annoying guy who says eh all the time and pronounces bag wrong.

So I have definitely platanoized (dominicanized) because it was so cold this morning I thought I would die and the wind even right now bothers me so much! I even get goosebumps sometimes. The sun is still really hot, but I dont feel out of place anymore really. I am sure it will be different in the summer and we will all die or something. 

So we had interviews with the President last week and it was really awesome again to talk with such a wonderful, loving and powerful man. Wish I was with him all the time. I love feeling of the great spirit he carries with him and the way he just kind of resolves all your problems without even addressing them at all. It was really great!

Preaching was interesting this week, somewhat interrupted again but doing alright. It has been nice at least to talk with my companion lots and come closer and such so that we can preach more effectively and study some stuff. Some cool experiences, we have divided the area officially as of now, so we had to give up a bunch of investigators to Elder Diaz and Elder Ramos and they gave a few to us. So we are actually just staying in a few sectors now where we preach, which is really nice and is helping us to focus a lot more on the people instead of walking everywhere. We have realized the real need for us in certain parts of our area, such as places without priesthood amongst the members, where we gave a blessing and saludamos... um... greeted the people over there and reminded them we were there to help and all and we will probably have to do lots out there. I think a few people home teach (like, once every moon or something), so it appears the church is the same everywhere (HAHAHAHAHA). Anyway, it was nice to remember that the members need us to, and the new goal is to really start with the partial families, bring them all together in the gospel. They all really need our help, and hopefully we are up to helping them.

We had the priviledge of receiving some awesome contacts and references lately from one member who is going to help us teach his friend from Haiti (we will need some translation help from him apparently). Hopefully that works out. We also found this one guy who randomly just walked into the church building on Sunday after Ward Council and met with the members there and with us, a member helped him with some food because his family didnt have any and he needs work, so it is now fallen to us to feed them with the gospel as well. I really hope he is a chosen and that we can really bring his whole family around and teach him and he accepts it. It has been cool to see lots of spiritual experiences where what we should be doing with investigators seems to just be granted to us if we are paying attention. I hope the investigators can feel that too and accept it, because it is so wonderful to be a part of a thing like that. Elder Herrmann invited a guy to be baptized when I hadnt said anything about that, to a guy who could really go far (unfortunately, he does not live in our area but we gave the referral) as he had knowledge of the gospel through the bible, but had yet to find a church. He said he was desirous to have God answer him in prayer about what he should do, and we invited him to do so, and be baptized. It is good for me to have the reminder we are supposed to be baptizing people. I have forgotten this point a little, and have posted papers around my desk to remind me about baptizing people, as they cannot fully accept the gospel and receive the fullest of blessings without it. I wish sometimes people would just come up to us and say ¨baptize me¨. That would be nice. Just teach them stuff and have them accept it and be awesome. Hopefully we can get a little bit of that rolling with awesome referrals and such. And more of the Spirit with us. And less sugar making me fat.

I hope you all know I love you very much and are always in my prayers and be not confounded before men, trust in the Lord and let him fill you with what to say and do. I hope that you are all receiving the blessings of helping me to be here, and never be discouraged for anything! I am glad everyone is enjoying the winter and has had good times! Thank you for sending some pictures of what is happening! 

Con mi amor, corazon, alma, y todo mi ser,
Elder Sullivan, hijo suyo
PS That oregano oil stuff? It is really good, but WOW it clears the system, especially when you accidentally overdose a little bit.

Sorry about not writing yesterday, we have had some difficulties with leaving the house due to health (foot problems) but its all good we got permission to write today and I am not the one sick for once haha. Dont worry about us!

So thats awesome you all managed to get in touch with Elder Herrmann´s parents and get some photos from them and such. I just finally received the package last week and thank you! Thank the Poons especially for the LEGO set it was really cool! I have been busily devouring the HI CHEW and hopefully it lasts a little longer than it looks like it will right now. I got the camera gear as well, which I would use if this particular computer had operating USB ports (next week, sory). But the package was really nice thank you! I like the cards (even if my sisters are total gooooooffffss). 

I will remember to pray for Jocelyn, I am sorry that is happening right now but I am glad everyone is pulling together for it. Even though I havent really passed trials as tough as that, I do understand what it is to face discouragemernt

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