Monday, 12 May 2014

May 12th - Mothers Day and Baptism

We had a great time Skyping with Elder Sullivan on Mother's Day.  He appears happy and healthy and is in an exciting area where the Gospel is spreading.  Elder Sullivan was able to perform the baptism ordinance in Spanish for the first time on Saturday, May 10th.  He attached many pictures as you see above along with the short note below.

A quick note to post! (And thanks for the photos)

So this week was awesome. We have a lot of progression and its pretty crazy around here. We have an activity this week where we have to do skits (this stuff just never ends). We are hoping the family we are teaching comes through and are working super hard with them. They are scheduled to be married next week and everything and everyone is reading and praying and doing really well. We cooked lunch with/for them and some pan de guineo (banana bread) to celebrate the birthday of their son who just turned 8 (so he is also going to be baptized). So that is super cool.

Also, we baptized two people! A little lady from a banana plantation who cant read really but wow does she have faith. She has retained what we taught her pretty well and shows her faith like no other, actually walking all the way to church without fail early even though she travels the farthest. So she got baptized. Nice lady. Always really kind and funny haha. I finally baptized! A young woman, who even though she is super sassy and always makes fun of us and seems a kind of mean or prickly person, she really isn´t. Strong testimony, and really loves the Lord. After she was baptized she just giggled and laughed and smiled so legitimately it was super cool. Didnt even make fun of my hair. Bore her testimony and stuff (its super cool, and she really didnt want to at first but then she did haha). And she survived the baptism even though I submerged her for a super long time haha. So that was cool! Its fulfulling to help people and impact their lives in way that will impact them forever.

So thats kind of it for now. More later!

Elder Sullivan

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