Monday, 2 June 2014

May 19th 2014

Hola Familia!

So I hope everything is going well and that Tasha is having a good time in Germany. There is a German guy here actually who is married to a member here or something but not really and anyway his accent is really weird. I can´t really imitate it, but its kind of like those Indiana Jones movies but in spanish. I hope the Heningers are alright and they will have my prayers. The lake is sounding pretty cool I hope everyone has fun on the water. Thanks for all the photos and words of encouragement!

So everything has been going pretty good. Transfers were announced. Our house is the same. Two of the sisters from our district are leaving and one of the two staying is training (a joy I am somewhat glad I am not experiencing right now. I love training, its just hard to learn new stuff while you are training haha). So I am really happy to be with Elder Peña still and we are going to have lots of fun and lots of awesome success in wonderful Pueblo Abajo!

The new President is scheduled to arrive this week, on friday or something! We have interviews with him saturday in the morning, so it will be nice to meet him! We shall see what happens with the mission from there.

Otherwise we are all good. We did some cool stuf last week. Made way too much banana bread. On friday we had our big exhibition skit night thing that we had practiced in districts and brought together as a zone! I have a bunch of video of it, but I dont know if you guys will get to see it until I bring the CD we are supposed to make of it home. Anyway, our district did this thing where we had to do a bunch of clapping patterns as we acted out receiving mission calls while we were sitting at this table thing. It was really cool and stuff and executed with classic poor quality but the people liked it and it was funny and good and cool. A sister in the district came up with it and practicing it was like musical theatre all over again (she like, studied theatre in school and stuff so it was legitimately like a music class kind of thing). Too much smiling and exaggerated motions again haha. We also did another skit with the whole zone and did some awesome singing and acting in a portrayal of Samuel the Lamanite and a modern version of it. It was cool. We used music from a bunch of movies and stuff with our own words put to it. The other two districts came up with some really cool stuff too. They made all these different scenes of things with music and singing and lots of cool inside jokes, like classic missionary experiences in the Dominican (they had some contacting time, and so the missionaries found a lady who brought out a book of excuses and read them things like she was catholic or had gripe and yeah, and this family they taught who forgot the appointment and hadnt read the pamphlet but couldnt get away haha. So the missionaries taught them with our classic weird examples and hand motion thingys and handshakes and stuff, but then the missionaries just sang ¨La Oracion del Profeta¨(Joseph Smith´s first prayer) and the family progressed to baptism haha). So anyway, cool stuff. The activity was supèr fun and the only thing that could have been better is if more members had shown up, but a few did so thats sufficient.

Our investigator pool is shrinking with the baptism coming up, but thats ok. We have two young men we are teaching as references from our convert here and even though they are superbly badly misbehaved at the church, we are working on that and they understand a bunch of really important things like prayer and reading and following Christ. Now they just have to behave better so they can have the Spirit and figure out that it is actually really annoying to do stupid things during a class and steal people´s stuff and play around with it and be super weird. it reminds me of me too much, so we shall have to teach that a little more haha.

Familia Menyetti is super awesome and will be baptized after their wedding on Wednesday, which will be the first wedding actual ceremnoy thingy where they sign the paper that I have ever seen. There is a party on thursday as a farewell for a missionary. There is another party on Friday to celebrate the family´s wedding. And then we baptize them saturday. Pretty much a slammed week with assorted other things to accomplish. But its going on. Love all the people here, they´re super funny. I really like the Father in the family we are teaching, we like to chat sometimes and he reads a lot. Cool guy, always has a funny story or joke or something and has really come to be the leader of his family now through the gospel. Kind of neat how its all worked out from then until now. Things just kind of change, and we dont even know until its already gone and this family went from being just one kid we were teaching to all of them as a unified and awesome family that will totally be eternal. So thats pretty cool.

Anyway, I hope everything is going well with all of you. I know the Lord has kept you and blessed you, and for this I am grateful. Its really important that we recognize our Heavenly Father really is a Father, and wants to care for us. I have learned a lot from Him here, and how much He cares for all of His children. I care a lot about them too. The sort of motto I have built up on the mission and what I like to tell people is that we are children of God, and as His children have great potential and purpose. We do not have to live beneath that potential, we just have to make the choice. And that choice is to love. It is either love or something else that is far beneath the potential of a child of God. So glad that the restored gospel has taught me that and I am so glad that my family has given me the priviledge of learning that.

Love you all with all my heart, y que el Señor les cuide siempre,
Con amor,

Elder Sulivan

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