Monday, 20 January 2014

Jan 20th Letter


I hope everything is really great, it sounds like everyone is doing pretty good and everything! Hopefully it continues like so! So about those pictures Dad sent, I like a lot of them, it would be nice to have a few hardcopy, so maybe the next time you send something, I have most of the ones from the farewell, but the pyramid and with Ricky would be cool and all the other pictures. I may need another copy of a full family picture (dont like, spend money just to send stuff though haha) because the one I have is in my slowly disintegrating book of mormon. But that would be super cool!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and everything! Sorry I wasnt around to celebrate (and I didnt really celebrate much haha, I didnt even eat very well), but I´m glad you still had a good time and ate with missionaries anyway! Um, I havent recieved the package yet but I did see a deduction in my apoyo (my money) so that means it is probably in the office (dont worry, the deduction is super small). But that music at christmas has been an absolute hit amongst everyone! And I love the miso soup so much! The candies had these cool Japanese comics on them that I kept, look awesome but I cant read them! They need to be in spanish!

So this was my first week of training my new companion, Elder Herrmann from Orem, Utah! He is a really cool guy, very chill and excited to be on the mission. We drink herbal tea, have similar interests and ideals and he loves taking photos (something I dont haha sorry). He is learning things nice and quick and has an excellent american accent and everything, so we shall be working the spanish (YES I LOVE SPANISH HAHAHAHAHA). It was cool to meet with him and stuff and talk a little. He is a hipster haha. Unfortunately, he sprained his ankle a bit (I know how that feels) so we havent worked for a few days in the field. We are working again which is great, but the ankle wont recover fully for apparently 8 weeks or something, so we will have to be careful walking and slower and he has to wear a brace. Oh well. He has this nasty injury and thing that is a lot like Dad´s injuries to his legs (like, one leg is shorter than the other, walking funny, ankle problems, wow it sounds like our family or something. By the way dad, take care of yourself, dont be injuring yourself on the quad!) So, it appears that I shall forever have the curse of health. But haha, me no scare! It turned out to be nice to be able to talk with Elder Herrmann a lot and study for extended time and such and learn about each other a lot. It was cool to learn so much and we at least got closer. Hopefully we can have some missionary experiences, although the first two days were pretty cool! Had some investigators really pray and come to know the book of mormon is true through their own experience! Taught them to recognize that the peace and love they felt and excitment about the book was because the spirit was telling them it was true. A really cool lesson. Now they have to be taught and follow the commandments to recieve of the Spirit. This will be their challenge. They are a couple of younger men, so they easily pray and read and accept the message and recieve manifestation of the Spirit, but to really recieve the Atonement, that requires change and difference. We shall see about them. Of course, we are kind of rebooting with everyone and having to find new people everywhere since the down time sick and with only two Elders and such has really hurt the area. I really hope we can get it rolling again, especially with all I have learned in the last transfer. Hopefully I can teach my companion all these things too. He seems to be learning it really well, I guess I dont teach horribly.

Thank you always for your prayers, it truly has helped, and we are finding right now a lot of people through the book of mormon. It really was inspiration that West Mission has had all the missionaries carry the book in their hands. People constantly ask about it. It truly is the way to find the truth of the church, and consistency in reading it proves that one has faith and the spirit has truly manifested in them. We found one awesome lady who read the whole pamphlet right away and accepted a baptism invitation and everything! (we have to find her again now... sigh). Well, it has been pretty cool and everything I hope everything is cool with you guys still. Keep reading the book of mormon (you know the whole promise of like the twelve tribes thing? Totally true, the latin people are mostly descendants of like lamanites so like Lehi´s descendants so they have visions and dreams all the time. Kind of cool). The book of mormon will really teach us to come to Christ and be perfected in him. His invitation is always ¨Follow thou me¨, and if we heed the call, he truly will perfect us. Hopefully I can start doing this more in my life, and you guys can too!

Thanks for being my family, you always have my prayers, and they are truly answered in your well being. Never give up, discouragement is a tool of the devil (weird to use that word, seeing as it is a bad word in this country).

Con todo mi amor, les quiero tanto
Elder Sullivan

PS My area is found on this large street called 27 de Febrero, where it crosses a street called Calle México. Thats where we are. 

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