Friday, 17 January 2014

Jan 6th Post - Welcome to 2014

Hey familia, FELIZ AÑO Y TODOOOOOOOO! Tengan buen animo!

So Im sorry again about no pictures and so no birthday note to Tasha yet................. ITS COMING. Eventually. I am glad that your trip to Mexico was so cool and everything and you guys had fun with all your friends. And the food! A guy in our ward just became a missionary as of today and he is going to Mexico on his mission. We told him he was going to eat super well haha. Otherwise things have been normalish. Elder Diaz is doing well and so am I. 

The baptisms fell through, but we really feel that it was for a reason. There was this whole complex situation thing but now the until recently baptism candidate can really become a true convert, because they have this chance to experience the atonement. I hope they really can do it and repent and stuff. Really good investigator. The other one not baptized... we dont really know what happened other than they left? I suppose we will find out. Really special to share with them anyway even if they didnt get baptized and I really hope they can figure it all out. Im pretty sure they will. 

So we felt good again after the treatment for bacteria and parasites. So we think we are okay. We kind of confirmed it today with the doctor at the CCM, where he told us that the things we had were quistes (its a spanish word, something like stomach dwelling bacteria or something) and he said if we werent symptomatic the quistes would just leave. I mean, we probably killed them anyway, but everything is fairly normal again! YEAHH! Victory and all that.

So our recent lessons have been fairly... rough? For a little while we werent really feeling the Spirit in lessons until we were way too far in the lessons, but we sort of figured it out and are back to being good and sincere with teaching. But wow everyone is having serious problems. We have had heart attacks in families, people with problems with the commandments, people just missing church and a whole host of PROBLEMS. But, it seems to have really humbled everyone and really opened them up to feel the Spirit. At least, we hope that is what they do and dont turn away. We are working with that right now. It is really special to share with peoples problems though, and truly help them. I mean, there isnt all that much comfort to give to people in sin and sorrow other than the Gospel, Gods love and our love. It really works though. People really get touched by the Spirit in their difficulty, in their weakness. I guess thats why we have weakness. 

So its a new year! Happy new year! Glad you spent it with friends and had a good time. Mexicano partying reminds me of here. We had another set of Elders in our house to enjoy new years with food with our neighbours, the Mercados, and watch a Christmas movie that was actually fairly good, Mr Krugers Christmas. Apparently it was approved by Zone Leaders, but que se yo? Anyway, it was super cool to have an awesome new years. The stake party went super late, we didnt go at all, but apparently it began at like 11 and went till 6 in the morning. I was asleep. We did stay up for a bit though, and because our house is on a hill, we saw all around the city all the lights, and especially the fireworks! The whole capital was alight with fireworks everywhere. People were just shooting them in the streets. The big parks also had huge festival kind of things where a lot of fireworks were shooting. We were up on the roof to see it. Really cool. Dominicans sure party late though haha. We were amazed at how long people were up.

Well, everything is really good. I dont know if I already said I finished the book of mormon in spanish last week or something. Super neat! I really like reading and speaking in spanish. Learning so many different little quirks in spanish that are really important from Elder Diaz and just the way he speaks and such.

My new topic in the book of mormon is really focused on the nature of God and Jesus Christ. Really searching them out. I discovered lately with the investigators that really a lot of them have obtained the knowledge of the gospel, but not really the spirit. They need to get to know Christ and our Heavenly Father, and so our invitations have been really focused on that lately. People are figuring it out though, and I hope we can work harder to help everyone. Our new goals are real conversion and working more with the ward to get the programs rolling and in the work. Its been a little lacking as of late with the ward. But its been real special, even if this was a fairly tough time in the mission, I am glad lots of things happened. Really getting to know more about Christ, and i hope I can share that with more people.

Querida familia, I hope everything continues well and that everyone is still found well with health and love and blessings. Never forget that the Lord knows all, knows us personally and we really need to turn to him, especially in moments of difficulty. Nothing else brings true comfort. It has been a speical experience to share with other families about my family, and how we are united in ways they do not yet understand. But they will, if they choose to.

Siempre con mi amor,
Elder Sullivan
PS Sorry I couldnt translate in Mexico, they would think I am weird though probably. DR is kind of like the Bronx of the Spanish world haha.

Note or PS or whatever its called, Did you guys speak any spanish in Mexico at all?

PS PS thing, I am glad the sailing went really well! I miss the ocean quite a bit haha. Have a safe trip home!

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