Monday, 10 March 2014

March 10th Letter

Hola famililililiia

So I am glad everyone is doing really well and that the weather has improved. I think ours has gotten hotter as well, but I cant really know for certain anymore. Well for me 7 months has not really seemed all that long. I guess each day is pretty long, but I look back and the week is already gone and it seemed like just yesterday I was on the computer writing, and just two days ago I was getting off the plane alone at the CCM. But you know, whatever.

Dont worry about me not sleeping, I like bought some sort of tea with chamomile for it and really its just all mind over matter. I can do whatever I choose to do, and if I choose to get up and be happy every day, then I am!

I am happy to hear that everyone was safe on all their trips and everything and I knew the ski trip would be fine, the teachers know whats up with the mountains. I know Dad probably did something awesome and cool for the youth (Dad is a party animal and such) and hopefully the youth had the constitution to keep up. I suppose our ward is about to do things as well this week. Something on Thursday. A conference for missionaries Friday. And Hermano Mercado made a cool awesome tradition of karaoke every one or two months haha and it is this Wednesday. We go and stuff with our investigators and converts and hope someone brings references, and so far it has turned out really cool if nothing else. Everyone is pretty goofy especially Hermano Mercado. I think he and Dad would get along really well.

What else is new... We actually teach and help families now! I may have mentioned a bunch the awesome couple we are trying to help out right now. They basically just have to get married and read the book of mormon and they will be super awesome! Its really nice to be with them and recieve their questions, thoughts, trust and learn about them. Hopefully at some activity someday we can try his professional cooking (heheheeheh, he works in a restaurant). Its really nice to be able to get to know people better than we would have just being here like tourists or just knowing them as friends. They have all become really close friends who look to us for God, and I hope everyday we hold the answer and the key especially for them, as each and every one of them are really dear to me. The less actives we work with are starting to show a little bit of progress, although set backs are also coming, as Satan´s last effort is always the strongest. We were super priviledged though to hear talks from two recent converts of Elder Diaz that I got to have the priviledge of teaching for a small amount of time, but an important time. And now they are super awesome converts who can stand up on the stand and give the most powerful and doctrinally backed talks that I have heard in a while. Really powerful testimonies, as they have passed the trial and found the happiness and their testimony of the scriptures is a beautiful thing to behold. It was super nice to see that. Our investigators are having their baby blessed in our church next week, so I guess that means we better work even harder to get them progressing in everything so they can fully be a part of the Kingdom of God. They really want to be, they just dont know fully how yet. I suppose not many people are always questioning things like, why they are here really and if they have a purpose. I suppose it is a powerful device of Satan, to use society as a shield, make people think in just social norms instead of their grand potential as children of God. Few ever realize that great potential. I have to remind myself frequently that really true happiness comes from God. Since we are his children, He wants us to return to Him. And we can. Sometimes we think he doesnt face trials. I see the trials that God faces every day. People in pain. People in suffering. People with problems that He wishes He could simply take away from them. But we have to grow. And God is never discouraged by what we do, He is only ever pleased and happy with us and hopes we can come to Him and learn His ways. I keep remembering that my ¨trials¨ are nothing. A slight discomfort here and there never should ever bother me. Sometimes it does, but I try to knock it down again. Discouragement is what destroys faith and leads to contention, which takes away the Spirit. I really know that is how it is. But I have realized that God keeps on having faith and hope in us, and we just need to continue. I have seen people with real struggles out here, and I cant help but realize that things I think are hard for me mean nothing. So never worry about me, family. It is a choice whether we are happy or not. Choice is the purpose of life. Javier, my convert, has been doing well but is a little overly stressed and having some problems with the death of his mom a few years ago and other assorted loads he carries. We ensure him always that everything is okay, and he seems to be doing a lot better, smiling again and running around the church. I told him to kind of just let go of all the weight and instead take upon himself the Lord Jesus Christ. ¨For my yoke is easy¨ or however it translates. Anyway, cool times and everything with everyone, although a plethora of hardened hearts the last few weeks. Ah well, some other day. They just havent made their choice yet to take upon themselves the yoke of Jesus, instead of their worldly loads.I suppose I need to remember that and not keep on carrying too much (like my bag).

Well I guess thats my preachy part for the week. In other news I eat too much and I am getting a little fat. But I also work out a lot, so it mostly gets counteracted and I end up being about the same. We have had a lot of street racing and stuff going on lately in the area and things have been a little busy on the streets. We are fairly busy too, and trying to keep everyone progressing still. We have a new fondness for ice cream. Found a little Yogen Fruz place here and I really like it so its probably being bought frequently. My stomach shall pay the price. Met some cool people this week who were hanging around. There are a lot of people from my CCM group in the zone right now. Like 5 of us. We had a super cool zone meeting with everyone. The house is really clean. Laughs all around every day. Sun shines brighter every day! (which also means I sweat a lot harder). But its alllll greaaaaattttt.

I am glad all is doing well. That Andy is going to serve a mission and all. Brotherhood is a great thing, and all the brothers being on missions is a great thing. The Lord´s work is uniting. MI GENTE.

Anyway all is cool I hope the ward is cool and that everything is cool except the weather. I feeeel so faaat right now I just ate too much at that food court oooouuuuccchhhh. But it was worth it!

Que el Senor les bendiga siempre!

As always with my love, hopes and prayers dearest family,
Elder Sullivan, coolest guy wearing a tie
PS Apparently other churches only send their missionaries out for a week. I thought of that cool line from Batman from that character Bane in the last one. ¨You think the darkness is your ally? I was born in the darkness. Molded by it. I didnt see light until I was a grown man.¨ So, yeah I guess only our church sends out the americans to live like Dominicans. HAHAAH.

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