Tuesday, 18 March 2014

March 18th Letter

(editorial note) Elder Sullivan received the disturbing news of the sudden passing of his cousin, Nicole Halat (age 29 years), youngest daughter of his Auntie Julie.  

Hi everyone, sorry we didnt get to writing yesterday (again) but we got time for today. I hope everyone is doing alright.

I am truly and deeply sorry that there are such trials at home. I hope that everyone is supporting themselves well. I may have trouble imagining what it is really like at home for everyone, but I know that you are all kept in the Lord´s hands, and although it may not appear so, Nicole is as well. I am sitting slightly amazed and confused right now, but I know that all will be well. I dont think that these typed letters will really express how I feel, so try to imagine me there with you giving everyone a hug. Know that my love still travels with you all, and that everything will be fine. I dont have very much time, but I will try sending something to Auntie Julie and Uncle Mark today, maybe something more as well next week. Dont worry about me, I will be fine as long as I keep obeying and keep a clear mindset on everything. Thankfully the Lord does not let his servants fall when they look for Him. I know we can all rely on his arm, and that only the love of an entire Heavenly Family is what fills the heart. I have seen it here. Last night we had a family home evening with a single mother who was less active and her not baptized children. We came extremely late due to another lesson and other business with shirts and the grocery store (I have no problems, dont worry) so the mother had already given the lesson to her kids and a few members she invited. It was really nice to arrive there and just see such joy. We had just dropped an investigator who wasnt ready to receive the message, and being a little down, we arrived at the family´s house discussing the man we had dropped. It was amazing to just enter their house and feel a joy and spirit. To be welcomed and sat down where the Spirit had entered without us even being there whatsoever. The mother, we cant even recognize her as being inactive or anything. She has refilled with the wonderful light that comes from Christ. So excited to see and move and continue onwards in life. Their family has such great faith and hope, and they all look forward to the day they are an eternal family and I just hope we can help them. The son in their family has autism, and cannot express himself or ever be normal. But his spirit is marvelous and shines through, and the hope of that family to one day be with him in Heaven speaking normally is so great. The mother knows that one day he will be with them in the presence of God as her perfect child one day and that he has been saved for such a priviledge. I pray that as missionaries we do all that is sufficient for them to be an eternal family. There is such joy there, and I hope it never fades as they remain faithful in the church together. We may even see the baptism of the children soon and be a part of their learning and instruction and testimony building. It was really gratifying after so many disappointments to finally have some degree of success. I have realized that yes we make many mistakes, we are never as diligent or faithful as we should be, but everything is resolved with our effort and the grace of God, and I am just so happy to be here with my greatest friends helping them reach out to God and enjoy the great joy of being concious of their part in His eternal family. I am so glad to be part of an eternal family that extends beyond anything we even imagine. Thank you for being my family and always being there for me, and I am sorry I cant always be there for you but my prayers go with you, and never fear.

We are eating really healthy now. My companion makes sushi sometimes (see the picture). And eating next to no carbs but with lots of vegetables and protein (MEAT). Supposedly we are losing our fat and gaining muscle, which I sort of believe? Our best investigators (the crazy awesome progressing couple) just moved back out of our area. SO THE OTHER MISSIONARIES BETTER PICK UP THE SLACK! Yeah, we were a little upset but its alright, its just kind of sad that we may never see them again and can only keep hoping and praying for their conversion. At least we were part of it. Otherwise lots of great things are going on with other investigators, sickness and other excuses are battering church attendance but thats just because they dont realize how important it is yet haha. We found these greatly prepared people who came to church first week!!! They have been looking for the true church after being rejected by their original churches and they are so open and ready to hear the message. I cant wait to keep on teaching them and helping grow their faith until the end. Its our part now to keep on going. I really love being in this area that has been my home for probably too long and having Elder Herrmann as a companion. We may not have great success in numbers, but I feel like our love for the people will help them more than just the numbers of their baptisms. There is such wonderful joy in working for the Lord, and even better with all these great people, missionaries and this wonderful mission.

Thank you family for always being so great and wonderful and loving. I wish that I could be good enough to make up for all you do. I am sorry so much has happened, I continue hoping and praying for the best. I hope Tasha keeps having success and Christina is safe on her trip and dont worry, eventually you will be able to go to Japan Christina. Sorry for writing today. I really hope you are all okay and anything that you need from me it is already given if you ask. My love goes wherever you go. Please always see the joy in life. As our mission President asked to a Hermana a few days ago ¨Why do you serve your investigator? What would you do for her?¨ And the Hermana responded ¨I love her, and I would do anything for her¨. Know that my answer is the same for all of you and every brother and sister everywhere. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Con amor siempre mis amados y queridos,

Elder Sullivan

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