Monday, 31 March 2014

March 25th Letter


I am so glad to hear of the great adventures everyone is having in Mexico (not so far from where I am haha). I have recently been thinking a little bit about surfing and how awesome it would be to live a life on the ocean surfing, but for now we are here in the city center haha. I thought for a little bit maybe I would need some other outlets or somethng around here but it turns out sharing the gospel and being with wonderful people is far more than sufficient and more gratifying than just a few moments doing something else. So here we are continuing the work. I am not sure I will ever see all that many baptisms, but at least somebody heard the truth!

I am sure you guys are eating better than I am, but we did up the quality of the food around here a bit. I actually cook meats and eggs with awesome vegetables and it tastes super good. Our rice dishes are getting really creative haha. Mostly we just throw everything we have into the pots and cook it with the stove thingy that seems to burn way too hot.

Its really cool that you guys are sailing! We received some photo a while ago of it and Elder Herrmann and I were adoring its beauty haha.

As always you are all in my care, at least in prayers. We had the great opportunity to attend the temple with our converts on thursday and we get to go as part of the mission tomorrow as well. It was truly amazing to be in the temple again, especially to be with the people that have been in my care as mandated by the Lord. I was reminded that this work is done in all places of the world and the heavens. Javier was baptized for his grandfather and his mom who had passed away also received baptism. I witness it happened, and hope that Javier truly feels that his mom has entered the path of salvation and greater joy, and he will be with her forever. I know it is the same with us, and that all of us will be together again. It is the plan of God. It was really special to see in the temple and continue sharing with all people. I like to show a picture of families (sometimes us haha) to investigators and everyone to remind them what is the goal. A life so full and wonderful, it cant even really be explained. Only felt. I hope everyone can always feel the presence of their family, espeically their heavenly family, their celestial family. I know you are always with me Mom, Dad, Tasha and Christina, and never forget that. It has been so wonderful, brilliant and marvelous to see the work done here, with very little of that even being attributed to something specific I have done. Instead, the Lord works in His mysterious way. I hope that everyone I have met can find such wonderful peace and what it can do in their lives. I know it is when we are most discouraged, depressed and let down when the Lord lifts us upon His shoulders and raises us to see the light of day out of the crushing waves that would beset us. I never feel that my work is sufficient, I know just like King Benjamin that I will always be an inutil and insufficient servant of the Lord. And yet He has called all of us to His great work, and for some reason in my weakness I am here still. The Lord has never forsaken me, even when I have felt He has. I know every person I have met has at least felt something, and maybe someday it will mean something in His great plan.

We are going to celebrate Christina´s birthday today at a family home evening with a family we have reactivated and hopefully someday the children get baptized. We bought a cake and everything haha. I will send the pictures of the event next week. I hope Russia is going really well for you Christina. Take a picture of the Kremlin and send it to me! We are teaching some really neat people. It is cool in this country that people just accept to hear us haha. Of course, its always a little strange when we dont just read the Bible but actually seek to change their lives. But wow does it change them. One guy finally came to church that I taught for months and then Elder Diaz somehow got him to come. Super cool. Some random people we found are suddenly progressing like crazy. Reading and everything. They have a bad family situation but ah well, thats what the Gospel and the whole changing thing is. They play a lot of dominoes! We teach this really couply couple as well. Its super cool, but kind of awkward being two guys with some couple haha. They are pretty cool and want the best for their family, we just need them to start upping their game, so we need to up ours haha. 

Anyway, I hope you are always doing well. Even in the face of whatever comes, always be strong. I have come to love the story of Ammon and his brothers preaching. They truly faced hardship, far more than I ever will, and yet ¨When our hearts were found discouraged, the Lord comforted us in our afflictions and commanded us to suffer with patience our afflictions, and I will give you success.¨ Have a wonderful time in Mexico. Dad, make sure you have some sort of picture of surfing for me, and make them good pictures haha! Know that I am alright and continue praying for all of you. I just hope I never forget and always stay diligent. Thank you for your constant reminders. I know that God is with you, never push him away, for He never abandons us. While all other things in this world do, He does not. I love you all!

Ustedes siempre tienen mi amor, no obstante lo que pase. Son mis mas queridos y amados. Nunca se sientan solos.
With all my love,
Elder Michael Sullivan

PS I am so buffffssss. I works out sooo much.

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