Monday, 10 November 2014

Nov 10, 2014 - Training Elder Reed

Hey everybody!

I am truly sorry about what has happened in Canada but hope it sparks the nation into a bit of patriotism. It is too bad that Satan is always at work and finding ways to oppose us. Thankfully we know that all is well. Its been neat to learn out here in the mission that really we can face all opposition and still be happy, loving people, and that the great movements in the world are only little blips in our eternal existence. I sort of forgot about Remembrance day, but I hope that it is a time of reflection and everything works out fine. Here today it was constitutional day, hence the pictures at the plaza de banderas. Interesting that today I just happened to go to the memorial to the unknown soldier here, and the that here there are two unarmed guards as well. The statement on the tomb is ¨Honor and Glory¨, kind of interesting I hope some of the soldiers really felt that way. The military was out in fancy uniforms today, but other than that it kind of just seems like everyone is at the beach today haha. Nice to hear that Brother Smith is doing well and all, he is really old but wow still going I hope I can be like that when Im old, a real warrior for God. I was recently reading lots about the 2000 stripling warriors, and really believe in the importance of faithful obedience and loyalty to God, family and all people until the very end, as it says in D and C, ¨to show that your fidelity is stronger than the bands of death¨. Know that that is the kind of love and devotion I am trying to develop in the mission, stronger than the bands of death. And Im glad my dog tags already say mormon so no need to argue in the army of the Lord haha.

Haha, the winter here has sort of started, at least, its colder at night and stuff, although, I think Im the only one who notices in the house. The pictures of the snow are wowing, seeing it I sort of remember how it is and Im not really sure if I miss it all that much, although its still kind of hard to imagine perfectly.

So far everything here has been great. Im training Elder Reed from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Of course in classic fashion during the first part of the training meeting when they present companions I was missing from the crowd because I was out visiting with a bunch of members and missionaries I hadnt seen in forever, I even saw the Mercado family again back from my first area and caught up and such theyre really cool I hope to meet them again and I was busy chatting with Elder Forsyth and Nelson since they are leaving (correction, gone). Anyway, one of the assistants came and found me and told me they had just presented my son and I wasnt there to greet him haha so I showed up in there late, President thought it was funny and gave me some sort of look but at least my first impression was made. Other than that it went really well. President has some high expectiations for us, but so far we are almost meeting them, always room to improve. Our effort is definitely noted though. I really like having a new companion since they work really hard because they dont actually know how hard we are supposed to be working in the mission field, so I can work really hard and there are no complaints haha. Elder Reed is great though, really smart guy he studies computer science at BYU and is a cool guy, forgot to take pictures together but at zone meeting well get it done. Hes really skinny, were going to have to do some working out haha. The P90X program has been pretty cool so far for me. Anyway, he likes to read, plays video games (the kind that I play) watch stuff, do computer stuff and is probably a little bit nerdier than me haha (yes my sisters, I know thats hard to believe). Hes probably going to be an office Elder. Cool guy! 

Otherwise we are out there working hard, setting lots of baptism dates. I know its probably pretty hard for Elder Reed to feel the Spirit really strong in spanish right now but wow I sure feel really good right now setting goals with people, we have really high hopes right now for Cruz Maria, she is coming to church a lot and we set a goal for December and its looking like the prospects are really good! There is the hurdle of the out of town boyfriend, but theyre going to get married and the date is set in stone so it should all work out really well! She is totally hilarious and always jokes with us and we have this sort of connection when talking and teaching that really makes her believe we are servants of the Lord and she really believes all that we teach, so I think just a little bit more work with the testimony and she could really do it! I like her open mindedness and such, it allows us to teach her more effectively and she can feel the spirit more that way and her willingness to follow God is apparent. So here we go! Our other baptism dates are a little more sketchy we will see but we are looking really hard and trying to commit people like crazy, hopefully we dont forget everything weve done haha.

Well I know some other stuff has happened, like, my crossing of the street is really poor, everybody makes gringo comments now its crazy, the members are working with us more but I dont have the same jokes as Elder Suazo so they have to deal with my less refined humour and stories. Pedro said something really funny, he came on time to church without his wife so the teacher asked ¨Why isnt your wife here yet?¨ and he was like ¨well, shes just so slow at getting ready and is always telling me ¨almost, almost¨ so I just left here in the house. If we had a plane to catch, she would definitely miss it saying ¨oh well get there eventually¨ and be at the airstrip yelling at the plane ¨oh, wait!¨. Yeah, Pedro is really funny I dont know if they really love each other though, he kind of makes fun of her haha.

Anyway, thats all for now, but I hope everything goes really well back at home, always with all my love,

Elder Sullivan

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