Monday, 3 November 2014

Nov 3rd 2014

Ok, the time is somewhat limited since the power went out here, but at least we found a place to write haha.

So everyone sounds really busy at home, I hope it all works out haha. Here, not quite so busy yet, but we have big plans. Glad all the partying and such could go so well. Thanks so much for the university help again, I am thinking a university in the west, but I would like to have more options than before. Haha, I send greetings to all the folks at STS, especially Mr Uzick, thanks for keeping me playing the piano haha, so I can play it out here sometimes. Its a very rare skill out here. I know I should have worked harder in school especially at the end, but I hope it all works out. I hope the play goes well for Christina and all. 

I am staying in Herrera, receiving a new missionary named Elder Reed. I do not know where he is from or who he is yet, but we will see tomorrow. I am so excited to train, and really hope I can prove to the President but especially the Lord that I can do what is asked and I am someone in whom they can trust. Its something Ive been thinking about more and more. Its so important that the Lord can depend on us, just like that scripture from Psalms that says ¨Search me, Lord, and know my heart¨ I would like the Lord to be able to do that.

Um so the week was pretty cool, a bunch of people cried when they heard Elder Suazo was leaving. I hope they keep progressing without him. Lots of less actives in church, close to reactivation and lots of good work, the stake president slammed the members about missionary work so we need to go work with them now haha. Other than that its been great, Im going to miss Elder Suazo lots but he will be a great zone leader out in the south. The south really was my favourite time and Im sure it will be his too.

So a quick thing about missionary work for the youth. The gospel must be shared. The President has started this thing with us about the ¨Forever Finding Fever¨. Its a good idea for members as well. We need to always be finding people. When we talk about our lives with other people, our faith in Christ should be part of our conversations, since its the biggest part of our life. If it isnt, well that needs to change. People should understand who we are better, disciples of Christ. So we should have a fever to find people, always searching and finding ways to share with people, invite them and just talk with people about the gospel. Its really simple. Other than that, wow sharing the gospel is just so great, everyone should do it haha.

I hope everything goes well, thanks as always for your love and prayers that sustain me in every moment, family. Please always take care of each other and remember the truth is the truth, not much else matters.

Thanks for everything family, sorry its a little short today.

With all my love,

Elder Sullivan

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