Friday, 28 November 2014

Nov 17 2014


Nice to hear from everyone and know that everyone is safe. Looks cold and snowy, cant imagine, I feel cold here even when it just rains or with the AC here in the internet center. I dont think Elder Reed has a blog... Sounds good the watching movies! Im glad all the school thingys went well, I hope the play turns out! I know at least its in good hands. 21 guns is... an interesting song choice haha. 

Let Tasha know Im thinking of her, and that I hope everything works out for her and that she will be just fine. Life works out for the diligent, and maybe she will get like married someday. Dont worry Dad, you will find more friends to play with and I will be back sometime around here haha. I do miss doing things with the family, but I know everything is being better taken care of at home. Remember to keep me some sushi haha.

Well everything is going pretty well here. We are setting lots of baptism dates, running around teaching lots, an 8 year old just got baptized in the less active family we are teaching and they are pretty much reactivated, the dad gave the elder quorom lesson and it seems like things are pretty much back to normal with them. It was really nice to see the dad baptize the little girl, I dont know how special it was for the 8 year old but it was really special for the dad, makes me appreciate the family a whole lot more and Im hoping for the day when I can also be a dad. We have a few other less actives who are starting to come to church more and more, its always nice to work with families, and I really hope they can come back to full activity and enjoy the happiness of the gospel, its been very apparent in the recently baptized girl´s family.

We are working with the investigators pretty hard, still a few sticks in the mud not going to church and stuff but thats just because they dont know the full truth of all the gospel yet and dont understand its meaning. Cruz Maria is still rocking though shes really cool I really want to see her baptized. She is reading the BOM thoroughly chapter for chapter and is really finding out the truth of things through her attendance, prayer and study, so we are really excited for her. Shes also hilarious, makes so many funny jokes and its never a dull moment with her since shes quick with the wit, but we are quicker haha. We always have little tricks to get her to pray and stuff and shes direct with some fairly weird questions about life and stuff so we answer her the best possible and everybody ends up laughing. Mostly she asks a lot about what we are going to do after the mission and about girlfriends at home and such since shes in a long distance relationship. I once described feeling the spirit is like falling in love (something I probably dont even know anything about?) and she seemed to understand that haha. She always says she feels some strange commitment to read the scriptures and pray and come to church, and we are starting to see that she is really gettig ready to make covenants. Hopefully that long distance relationship works out! Other investigators are doing really well. Some article came out about the church about plural marriage or something so we had to explain that about a thousand times. People understood, and as always, we never lose a discussion, since the spirit knows and yeah we are just two young dudes.

Otherwise, things are great. Elder Reed had his first lesson with a lady breast feeding, so a milestone there that will be repeated many times. Also,  Im making lots of dominican jokes now, so my humour is kind of changing. Ate some donuts, so good. Yeah, Im running out of stuff, I will try harder next week.

Love you as always family, I would just like you all to know that what we are living is true. Its okay to have questions and doubts, but go and look for the answers, because they are always there. Even if people attack the doctrine all day, God is on your side. Keep the faith bretheren, keep the faith.

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

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