Monday, 15 December 2014

Dec 8th 2014

Hello my wonderful family!

Thanks for all your always doing at home! Im sorry that today my message wont be brilliantly long, we had a bunch of trouble with the power in our sector today and we are already late as it is haha. I will remember the Muirlaslo family in my prayers and I dont know if it would be possible but I would like to email them somehow I dunno. At least if you see them let them know that Im thinking about them, especially give comfort to Sister Muirlaslo. No one is ever a lost cause. Im glad you are all enjoying the snow and finding great joy in the christmas season. I hope Dad gets better from the nasty flu bug but Im glad that as always ¨those who trust in the Lord shall find new strength, they shall spread their wings as eagles, and they shall run, and not tire, and they shall walk and not faint¨. So continue onwards in faith, and I hope all the many concerts and hecticness goes well and that you can find peace as well in the Saviour in this time of christmas. Thank you for the pictures, Im sorry that today I dont have any. 

We are getting more and more excited for the december times here. Cruz Maria is still set to be baptized, reading lots, praying more and shes really excited to make covenants like baptism and also marriage. We taught her specifically about marriage recently and tried to help her understand the importance of it all and that she needed to communicate more with her spouse and stuff so that he knows whats going on in her life with the baptism and all, since its kind of important. It was fun to teach about, and wow we read a bunch of serious talks from apostoles about marriage, I suppose Im pretty excited about it all now haha.

We have a new awesome family of a single mom who came to church this week and are reading the book of mormon like mad men. We are trying to get them into the gospel more each day, and it looks pretty good from here. We have been meeting so many people lately who really want to find the true church and really join themselves to God its really exciting. They are even making good friends with certain members and its making our work much easier as the members can take care of them as well. Anyway, its all pretty neat.

Christmas conference is tomorrow for the capital. Itll be fun, Ill send photos of the strange skit and everything. Im really mostly excited just to see all the good friends I have made in the mission.

Also, I know that soon we get to do phone calls and stuff. Do you guys still have the skype name I used last time? I seem to have forgotten. It will be on the 25, Im not sure what time yet.

Well, other than all that, I hope everyone can focus on the true christmas spirit. That Christ can fill all of our lives with great love and joy. Remember that really truly charity is our most important attribute, as it is the only thing that will remain after all is said and done. Charity includes suffering with people, consoling them, taking time for them, helping them, charity is more than just affection it is devotion, the desire to help and stay with other people. I have learned a lot about charity out here in the mission, and through it learned that its so important to think the best of people, to give them the best and to be the best possible for them. Obviously, Im still learning, and far from obtaining charity, but its all about the journey anyway. So keep up the good work. Thank you Mom and Dad for always being with me, and thank you sisteries for never giving up. Keep the faith. Know that I love you all with all of my being and soul, if I could do all things for you it would be done. Like C.S Lewis said once, ¨The suffering is part of the joy, it makes it sweeter.¨ So when we return once again, the joy will be even greater. 

Con todo mi amor, que el SeƱor les cuide siempre,

Elder Michael Sullivan

Cool experience I forgot. Went out with the new guys from the MTC this week. We had a cool lesson with a less active who during it she kind of just opened up and said that ¨I think the Lord has been punishing me for not being active and not living his standards, so I think I need to go back and fix these problems.¨ And so she did, we keep on encouraging her now. She looks happier from what weve seen. So that was awesome and a new guy got to see it and stuff.

Thats all!

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