Monday, 15 December 2014

Dec 15th 2014

Hola! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS HERMANA MIA! Happy birthday Tasha!

So thanks for all the pictures and stories, sounds like Christmas has been pretty big this year, maybe I should be glad I wasnt around to get all caught up in it haha. The choir fiascos are especially entertaining, hopefully it all worked out! Congratulations to all, especially Tasha for the performances. I will pray for Hermano Wellmann.

Thanks for all the university work, sorry about all the time consumption there. Um in terms of those essay things.... I am sort of becoming more interested in ER or like surgery medicine, uh, so I suppose I would like to find better ways to perform rapid internal surgeries to minimize initial problems or something like that. Im not really sure I havent thought about academic things really with medicine (since Im out serving haha) just that it really interests me to help people and like save lives on a daily basis?

So the week was super awesome, christmas conference was really cool. Our skit ended up being really good despite my preocupations. I was like this guy who gets into worldy stuff looking for happiness, the skit ended up having these super creative costumes for alcohol and cigarettes and a host of tempations haha. Unforunately President has the pictures of that so.... It was cool, we got lots of laughs and I tried to cry on stage but mostly I just looked sad so good enough. It was fun and the other skits were really good too super funny, except for this one where a latin guy ¨accidentally¨ used the word ¨nigger¨ so they got in big trouble but the rest of the conference went well. Pres showed us his trip to the Holy Land and stuff and it was pretty neat to kind of realize that Jesus really did walk on the earth and its not all just made up stuff, even though really a testimony of the spirit is all thats necessary anyway, it was still pretty neat. A Hawaiian missionary sang for us too with his ukelele, so that was nice.

Anywho, Cruz Maria is going to get baptized this week on saturday, everything is filled out and announced and so we just have to get through this week with her. She´s solid on it all and is going to be super awesome. She always says she doesnt read anything but really she reads like a chapter or more a day in the BOM shes just got a complex or something (she once told me I have a complex... haha). Her boyfriend is chill with it, but doesnt really want to hear from us haha. Elder Reed made the greenie from the MTC invite her to be baptized with like a scripture and everything on the exchanges. She was super confused for a second, and then accepted. Elder Reed was laughing too hard though so he figured out that it was kind of a joke, but hey she accepted to be baptized again even with the date being the next week so thats good!

A few really cool new investigators came to church! The guy who was getting divorced, Bernardo, came to church with his kid and it was really neat. He really feels like God called him in his ¨time of darkness¨ when we showed up at the door with a messsage about Christ. We´re excited to see his progress, I mean, he gets a little caught up with his biblical knowledge and he rants like any older man but hes really sincere. He participated a bunch in the classes, kept on talking about the evils of the internet and how important it is for us to always be good and that there is a difference between the path of happiness and pleasure. He said pleasure is the path of the devil. Pleasures only take away. They take away time, take away pain for a little while, but they try to take everything and slowly a person disintegrates. The path of happiness is different, its a bit of work and requires devotion to oneself and discipline, but it lasts and doesnt take away, it gives.

An awesome new investigator studying dentistry came to, has really neat questions and is super smart, always relating religious things to science, so Elder Reed liked that and so did I. It was cool to show that miracles arent magic, its all really science its how things are done, but our faith is what makes it all work (interesting concept, eh?). Hes going back to Haiti though, ah well, he´ll be back in January.

We had exchanges again with the MTC. Did some cool stuff.We have a less active moving back into activity, not sure if our visits really made a difference in that but maybe!

So, it was a busy week. Sorry I didnt write that much, but I hope everything is great at home and that it is still Feliz Navidad.

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

Hey, apparently my blog is kind of famous a bunch of new missionaries keep on saying that theyve seen it. So... maybe you guys should put some advertisements on it so that we make some money haha.

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