Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Feb 16th 2015

Hey everybody!

So I hope everything is great off in the cold lands of the North! Its still pretty cold here, but that might just be me.

Well, it was a good week, I dont remember much of it but it was good. Oh, Happy Valentines day world! Turns out its a real big celebration here in the DR, with everybody wearing red, couples going out and our colmado had a big dance party with balloons and stuff (see the photo). Some larger older lady almost danced into me, but luckily I was skinny enough to get away. Other than that we didnt have much trouble, and the day was fairly productive even. The Villa is still as beautiful as ever, the mountain views looking good. 

So this week, we had a zone meeting, which we were late to since we got lost and left a tiny bit too late. Of course, President was there. He didnt seem to mind though.  We have been teaching some really interesting lessons, and we finally set a baptism date. I went on a split with a member and we headed on down to this lady we are teaching who is super interested and reads and everything, but her husband is super evangelical and kind of hates us. So shes kind of afraid about that. But she totally committed to baptism because we talked about the Book of Mormon and she thinks its good and she thinks what we teach is true and it brings her great peace.  Either way, she accepted the date and is on her way. Other cool investigators doing their reading and overall finding things out, but its still been difficult to get them to commit more and get married. Marriage is probably going to be both an eternal blessing and an eternal problem around here. The members though have been super good and we have done some great work with them. Just yesterday we made banana bread for this one guy with a truck and his family, it was super cool, we taught a lesson there with an investigator who is a friend of his daughter and they go to church and stuff yeah. He then left with us out to a further part of the area to teach some references and some friends of his. It was super cool, we now have two new families all references with an easy ride to church and great potential, they really liked the message and we had two members with us so it was even cooler. The members out here really like to work and are excited for their friends in the town to hear the gospel, and they really like to share their thoughts and feelings in teh lessons we have, its really a great blessing and makes for cool experiencse. 
Other cool stuff, I had a battle with a lady on a bus. She started handing out Jehovah Witness pamphlets, and I contacted the whole bus with a classic big announcement thing where I stood up and said who we were and that people could talk with us about Christ and stuff or find our church and yeah basic stuff. After I sat down, that lady starting handing out pamphlets like crazy and gave me like 5, I guess for my apostasy or something. It made for funny reading for Elder Jones at least, apparently all governments are evil and religion should be the government and yeah a lot of strange stuff but its fairly common out here.
Met a maybe golden investigator this week, a cool guy with previous contact with the church and a really good friend who is a member. He is super interested, and let us in the door first time, nice! Hes humble and stuff and is a DJ (not sure if that is good or bad?) but at least he is nice and is willing to follow our stuff. I guess we will find out more as it goes on. 
We played some bitilla today as a district (baseball but on a smaller scale). I think we lost, but it was close. Our district is only 6 guys and stuff but its cool they came out here and we made pizza (Elder Jones makes this really cool pizza recipe). 
Well, Im sure we had other adventures, but mostly its been teaching people slowly, hearing lots of rants about stuff from all the older men we teach haha and being asked why are there so many churches. Every time we explain though, everyone just passes it off that all churches are true. More Restoration teaching! A missionary here just got back from his mission in the east, hes pretty cool and knows my MTC companion. Cool stuff.
Well, I think thats kind of it for now.
Have a great week and remember, never give up! The mountain isnt going to move, but you sure can move up it!

Elder Sullivan

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