Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Feb 9th 2015

Hey everybody!

Just chilling here in the jungle heat (although its still pretty cold at night). I just fixed some pants today all by myself so I feel pretty boss right now haha. Yeah thats a random story and they will probably break again next washing but at least that hem will stay in one place for a week!

So there were requests for information about Elder Jones. Hes from California, hes 18, he is an amateur filmaker, he cooks well, hes really into improv comedy acting, he knows a lot of spanish for a not yet 6 monther and hes single and a looker (self proclaimed). He has only been here in the villa so far, and we have lots of fun. Hes into a lot of the things I like, so, its cool, like we talk about legend of zelda a lot and filming and acting and he likes to ask deep questions about stuff like doctrine, overall its interesting. Fun times.

Dad said something about being in top shape. Dont worry, I am in top (ish) shape. Working out, preaching good and everything is functioning really well, havent been sick for a while so thats good. I think it has to do with the nice air out here, nice and clear. I even feel less tired. The only thing lacking are the big supermarkets to buy my unhealthy fast foods (my motto is, just work out harder and you can eat whatever!).

Anyway, had my first sunday actually in the ward here. They have sacrament meeting last, although theyre changing that since theyve realized its not very effective and we are the only ward still doing it. We actually have a lot of priesthood holders for an outskirt town, I think thats why we are a ward and not a branch, although only a few of them are really involved in the work. Most are pretty young, like in their 20s and some in their 30s. The rest are super old. Lots of crying babies and kids running around in the ward haha. Lots of the kids are pretty funny, some of them are always sassing me especially when I wouldnt give them popcorn (other people were hungry too haha). The bishop is super cool, it would just help if all the leaders didnt work so much. We talked a lot about home teaching, so we may be going out and helping them with that this week, doing some splits and stuff. Ill probably get lost. Its a busy ward.

We are teaching lots of people right now, our days are pretty full, and yet we always seem to end up with less lessons taught than I did in Herrera, lots of the times people arent home or we take too long somewhere. Its a little tight. The recent convert of Elder Jones, Stacy, is super funny but she lives on the edge of the area up a hill. She always makes fun of us for something new, although she is happy since we gave her her baptism photos and some tacos we made at home. At least she is super excited about stuff and is sharp of wit and intelligence. Also, teaching all those unmarried couples. One are these two older people who arent overly well educated but wow the husband is always in church hes come for like 3 months now, hes basically part of the priesthood and actually has really cool comments and rants ahah. Hes a little upset he cant get married since his wifes papers are bad and she is pretty sick and she is recently quitting smoking so a whole host of problems all in one. Hopefully that goes better. Also taught this guy named Francisco. Hes not married to his wife either, and she doesnt really want to get taught by us, although we did talk with them this week about love and stuff and being married. I shared with Francisco about the Familia Minyetti from Azua, hoping to inspire him to achieve greater goals, but hes still convinced about his slow approach to things. Hes been attending church for months, so I think we will be making progress soon if he will just talk to his wife even just once about marriage so they can make it official.Theyve been together for 30 years anyway, so they just need  that Fiddler on the Roof scene with Tevye and Golde where they decide they love each other and get happily married and baptized and it will be great. Our teaching and stories seem to touch him, at least it has him living a more interesting and peaceful life. He watches hockey, little side thing. Other people we teach, a lot of new people with different stories. We ended up teaching this one lady in a dark wooden house. After we sang and prayed and started talking, she just started crying. She said her dad had died recently and the song made her think of him. So we talked a lot about Gods plan and a little about what she thought about it, hopefully it helped her and next week she can find some peace on that. Oh also a 14 year old girl we are teaching read the assigned chapter we gave and prayed and felt peace and believes the BOM is true. So thats a step, and she seems a lot more confident about it and seems determined to read the book more now. Hopefully we can start setting goals for baptism, we are at a big lack there right now. So good things all around, other than some family dropped us over the phone, not cool.

Well, thats a lot of stuff. Im getting through the New Testament in spanish, interesting that after Jesus paved the way, really the greatest success of the church was with the apostles. I guess the Lord had a plan in doing that, and that it turns out it doesnt really help everyone believe even if they see Him. Turns out missionaries in all times face challenges, and we are no different today, breaking false traditions and such. The week was good, this week we hope even better!

Thats all for now, keep the faith bretheren! Fear no man!

Que el SeƱor les bendiga,

Elder Sullivan

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