Sunday, 1 February 2015

Jan 26 2015


So I hope all is well in the north! By the way those photos of the olympic place is not where the olympics were held I think its just their big center haha. 

The big news this week, Elder Reed and I are both getting transferred! Entirely unexpectedly! Our area is getting downsized to just two Elders so the other two guys have to take over all of our stuff. That is a little worrisome, but Im sure they will be just fine. We had a nice send off kind of thing in church yesterday when a bunch of investigators and less actives finally came to church, we filled that place up with I think 12 people more than usual, I hope those investigators can keep up the progression, even with the more limited labour force. It is sad to leave all these people and very suddenly. Elder Reed took it pretty hard, it is a little sudden in just the second transfer. It will all be good though  I am heading out to an area called Villa Altagracia, its north of the city and kind of a small jungle town kind of thing. My companions name will be Elder Jones, a younger guy in the mission so that will be interesting!

It was a little sad to go around and say bye, especially to this one old lady. Im not sure if I talked about her but she used to be a temple worker but got really crippled in her foot and she has quite a few problems with her family.  We used to go by and comfort her and sing hymns and such. Saying bye kind of crushed her a little and she cried and stuff and maybe singing God be with you till we meet again wasnt the greatest idea to cheer her up, but at least it was nice to know we made a difference for her and that our love and care for her has helped her, hopefully she will be alright. 
Time was shorter in this area so the emotions are not as strong as Azua or Ivan Guzman, but we have yet to have our last visit with Cruz Maria, which will probably be a little tough. She was expecting at least Elder Reed to stay, so I dont know how that will be and now her contact with the missionaries will be much more limited. Im not worried though about her, the Lord takes care of everyone.
We finally convinced one of our investigators, Janet, to go to church now that we are leaving haha. She will be missed, had lots of strange jokes and if she didnt remember your name in a prayer she would look for it on the plaque haha. Her house always smelled like pee though. She was a really good reader, would always try and say that she didnt understand but then we asked her about it and she really did understand its just sandbagging haha. Also our strange kind of high looking haitain guy came, his name is Levitique. He always has strange questions and is trying to test us or something. He asked once about preachers using psalms to curse people or smiting people who mocked them and he asked if that was from God. I talked about what Christ had to say about that, and he said later he didnt even agree with the practice of cursing with psalms anyway. He then asked in church if Satan can enter heaven since thats what people think about the story of Job, which I explained they just met somewhere haha. He then had another question about something anyway it sent the teachers for the hoops. I think some people were a little racist against him at church, since hes haitian and kind of loooks like hes on drugs, but I hope they can love him since hes awesome. Also that guy who was having lots of problems that we contacted in the apartments came to church, seeking the peace in his life. It looks like he really wants it. He had some good comments in the classes and everything, Im sure the Elders will have a good time with him sicne hes super open and has nice questions and really is a golden guy haha. Anyway, I hope they can continue with all the people her, all those reactivating people especially. Turns out all they need to become more active is some listening, home teachers, some scriptures and phone calls in the morning for the younger ones haha. Anyway, Herrera has been great and I´ll miss it, the members may not have been united but they sure were nice. All the craziness here behind for now.

Well change is strange, but its a lot less strange this time than the last two. I feel fairly comfortable with leaving and really loook forward to the great outdoors of the villa out there in the jungle. Maybe my photos will be prettier haha. I kind of like the idea of a new adventure. I feel like Bilbo a little bit ¨I think Im ready for another adventure¨ and this could very well be my last one. But the road goes on, and Im sure where it leads will be where I am supposed to go. Im excited to work out there, and I would like to see the Lord´s will done precisely and with great excellence this last area. And who knows maybe Ill get one more after haha.

Thanks for all, I hope this week is great next week I will have more about the great north of the DR!

Ya lo saben,

Elder Sullivan

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