Sunday, 3 May 2015

April 13th 2015

Here we are in the last week of the transfer... wow. Soon I´ll be here in Villa with someone else. But at least the mini and I have one last week to do some good and have some fun.
Well, what is there to tell... This week was super rainy. We got soaked 5 days straight haha. Today is our first day dry, and we spent it all in the capital anyway. Rain brings other blessings though, apparently it means that our wives will be better looking the more rain that gets us during proselyting. I hope its true, because we walked through a couple of rivers on the streets a few days. There was a mini waterfall on one of the bridges we crossed haha. Even with umbrellas it was still really wet. But it was fun, it makes you a man or something. We are making some good progress with the people, lots of people still coming to church. Marriage is still on the way for most of the couples. Our young woman investigator even read the introduction of the book of mormon. And almost understood what the gold plates are! So thats pretty good. We got the members out there preaching with us a few times too. And luckily it never rained on them. Just on us. We had some cool lessons with some new people near our house who like read all the stuff and have good questions. We even played a bit of dominoes and checkers for a couple of minutes with them. They totally won the checkers, but we tried playing double 12 dominoes so I won that one. Here in the DR they only play with double 6 dominoes. Its faster and I would say probably more fun to play double 6 anyway. 
We had a couple of bible showdowns this week. The first one was with a less active guy whos mom we are teaching and she is actually interested in returning to activity. The son just wanted to ask some contentious questions. So I answered him swiftly with the word of God. I was looking forward to a highly intellectual deep bible swap, but it turns out he really didnt have anything, so he shied away haha. Too bad. Next we taught our good old language professor guy. He had some questions about stuff, in gospel principles class on sunday too. In both cases, the members answered his questions. It was kind of too bad, because I was ready with some wonderful scriptural doctrine, but everyone kind of just used their own words haha. The Elder who was with me on exchanges was super bummed he didnt get to use all his scriptures in the bible bash and that the member kept interrupting instead. Oh well, he was complacent with the answers. Now, he kind of needs to pray and ask if we really are the true church. Im gearing up to invite him to be baptized in the next meeting. Its gonna happen.
Also, we went to our ward mission leader´s house to have a family home evening with some relatives of his and played Clue. And ate great food, and I made brownies for it (Ive learned how to bake in the mission isnt that something). And I won clue. Its mostly because the other three playing didnt really know what they were doing, but the mission leader is pretty good at it. Anyway, its a good way to get to know the family.
We are rocking on. Good times had by all. I cant remember much of what else happened though Im probably forgetting something fairly drastic haha. Anyway, Im hoping to see great things out here in the villa, and Presdient said yeah, Im staying out here to finish. So LETS FINISH STRONG.
Keep the faith, if you dont fight, you cant win, if you fight, you can win!
Elder Sullivan

PS for Mom and Dad, President Nuckols surfs on the Baja California as well and has heard about Scorpion Bay. He was interested in it.

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