Sunday, 3 May 2015

April 27 2015


So here we are in Villa Altagracia, my comps name is actually Elder Wassum, not Watson. Hes got a lot of time in the mission too. He goes home like a month and a half after I do (one transfer after). Interesting change. Its nice at least that we both can teach really well and he knows lots of spanish and stuff. We have been working on relations with people, and we seem to be doing really good, especially with new people. Elder Wassum had some good ideas about it and we did some funny little ways of presenting us and having the investigators present themselves as well (I think in english it makes more sense to say introduce themselves, right?). Anyway, its fun, we know the whole mission and stuff and Villa is a really friendly open place that is super happy to have Elder Wassum. Itll be fun, and now my name isnt the only one that appears on the active missionaries in villa list (although, it was funny to see one email President sent about companionships that had achieved 5 investigators in church or more each week for the month of april, and there it says Sullivan and mini haha.)
Well, the week went well. We went out and taught a bunch of people, at the end of the week we went and got a bunch of new people too. It was good times, and the ward has been receptive. The investigators are doing well, still the same problems with marriages, a few different things with the new investigators, mostly not coming to church because they belong to a different church. But we are working on that, and most of them live really close to the church anyway. Still a lack of books of mormon. Lots of fun times out in the hills, running into random people who want to hear us under the banana treees and such, its really hippie like or something. Found a cool family with a guy who actually has read the bible a lot and such. Of course, they were super confused about the nature of God. So, Elder Wassum whipped out the bible and we started clarifying doubts on that. The whole Godhead thing is kind of confusing for people out here, but we made it real simple with Matthew 3 where Christ is baptized. We taught that lesson twice in one day, it really helped people and got them excited to learn from us. Other cool lessons with less actives, we convinced a bunch to come to church, mostly we just invited them, but it must have stuck for once. Elder Wassum was blown away by the whole being a ward thing but being super small out here in the middle of nowhere haha. We actually have a lot of active priesthood, and thats probably why we are a ward. Bishop is helping us a lot, leaving with us, throwing down the word wherever he goes haha. We are excited for what is to come. Wassum met Francisco finally, interesting time haha. Hes cool and interesting that Francisco, hes just plain scared of his wife haha and wont tell her they are getting married. The Bishop has plans for him though haha. Funny meeting with the priesthood about that, sometimes the man doesnt govern the house (usually doesnt govern the house). There is kind of a sense of patriarchism here though, so its strange for men to not be the leaders of the house haha.
Well anyway, good times. Most of the other stories I cant remember. 
Keep the faith bretheren!

Elder Sullivan

PS forgot, my comp is from Wyoming, hes got 4 other siblings, all are younger than him. 

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