Sunday, 3 May 2015

April 20th 2015

So here we are another week gone. Transfers tomorrow. My mini is back off home to prep for Nicaragua, Im sure it will be great for him. Im going to miss him though, it was fun stuff. I will be receiving an Elder Watson. I know who he is by face but not much else haha. He only has a little bit less time in the mission than I do. So Im sure we will have fun, trying to ¨fill the chapel¨ as President put it. Its exciting though, and with two missionaries with lots of time we can either be super efficient or super ¨dead¨ as we say here haha. We shall see, I like a little challenge and doing work with the ward here in Villa is a lot of fun and the leaders are receptive and friendly so it should go over well.
So far all things have been going well. I´ve got some good relations with most of the families and people we are working with, so maybe with a new Elder here we can kind of get them moving a little more. It will be nice to have two experienced missionaries around, since there are only two for an entire town of people. It has been a little difficult to manage, but hey, as they say here ¨Dios todo lo puede¨ which means something like ¨God can do all things¨. so we are going out there with some faith that we will find some people and get the ones we have right now participating actively in the ward.
Well basically everybody is still not married, but we have hope. They are consistently in church and are basically members who need to as we say ¨get dunked¨. Although of course they all still need preparation to take the full covenant of baptism on, so far they are keeping up with everything, so I have no complaints about this wonderful area haha. Francisco still needs to get married and figure out what he really wants to do about his wife not really wanting to meet with us and stuff. I hope Elder Watson has some new insight, because really he should be figuring it out, but still hasnt taken the steps haha. Oh well. Our search for new investigators has been cool, exploring the vast jungles of the hills and galavanting amongst the coconut trees, but yeah those people still have to cross that highway and come to church. Everyone is pretty weak about crossing the highway even though Im pretty sure we do it like 5 times a day. Ah well, they just need more faith. If Jesus walked on water, Im sure that they can cross the highway. And the new less actives will need some more support from members and home teaching visits, as it appears just us is not enough to get them to church yet. But we will see what happens in the coming weeks.
A bunch of random people were super flirty this week, and I think a few people told me if I wanted to go out sometime that would be cool. Or at least, thats what my companion told me. I was kind of not paying much attention as usual. People are starting to figure out that I really like to dance, probably because I always move around a little when I hear the salsa or merengue or bachata. Haha, this one convert was all like ¨before you go home I will teach you how to bachata good¨ and we had to explain that Im still a missionary until they remove the calling. So much for that. Whenever we get offered free food, I always accept but my companion often says he is full. One investigator always gets annoyed saying that its just because he doesnt like it. Not true, he likes it he just isnt a missionary yet and will learn soon that when the food is offered freely, it is better to just eat it haha. It offends less people and you end up with a full stomach without having to cook or nothing. Luckily I will eat anything. I will miss my companions cooking though as its pretty good. He cooks it nice and stuff, I always try to light the meat on fire by throwing vinegar in the pan with oil. Its fun. 
Still doing P90X. Its fun.
Ummmm.... I cant think of too much else. It rained on us again, but not as much as usual. The weather is a little hotter. Elections are coming up I think, mostly its just an excuse to make more noise I think.
Well... Im kind of drawing a blank. Mostly because tomorrow is transfers. More stories to come.
Que les vaya bien,
Elder Sullivan

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