Monday, 27 October 2014

Oct 27th 2014


So the adventures at home are once again extensive! I really liked the story about the boat that almost got destroyed, but Im really glad thta everything went well, and that Dad and Uncle Rich were around to help the man and his boat, even though the world was basically splitting in half. Crazy weather it sounds like. Sometimes the seas are violent, shes not an easy beast to tame. But wow thats interesting I guess you guys are superheroes now! Saving boats left and right with nothing but long lines! Seminary sounds great too, all the little activites sound really interesting mom! Nice way to keep everybody attentive. Reminds me of my scripture study in the morning, which is ten times more effective now in the mission than when I began, always falling asleep haha. The armour of God is a really interesting concept that I really like (as you already know) since we really are warriors! Thats too bad people dont go to dances, its kind of a lost art that I wish everyone would take up! All latins dance and its pretty cool, everyone should learn to move the hips like me and my companion do haha. I hope and pray natasha´s exams go well and that all the knowledge she has obtained is brought to remembrance in the precise moment, and congratulations for the concert. I also hope Christina can figure out the school thing.

Dad asked a couple questions, well that family is ok, they´re not starving or anything haha, but I think they feel loneyish because they want us to visit lots haha and talk. Theres no dad. We visit them a lot because they go to appointments with us and are really good with the missionaries, even though theyre kind of goofy. We didnt actually end up going to the temple, it fell through but we are trying now to do it a different day. 

Well, the week was good. Lots of work, but its kind of strange to already be on our last week of the transfer. Time is running out too fast. We had a cool activity today with President at his house. Our whole zone went and played basketball, dodgeball, volleyball and even threw water balloons. We were playing that catch game with the water baloons at first, but at the end President grabbed a few and starting attacking a bunch of the Elders and so began the fight I think President won with the nice direct hits on the assistants haha. Anyway it was fun, I hope I can be super fit just like President Nuckols when I get older haha. Not that hes overly old. My skills in sports were pretty low but so were everyone else´s so I did pretty well, even in basketball. Dodgeball was the funnest though.

We have this cool investigator who has been coming to church consistently and stuff and really likes it. She lives in her sister´s house right now without a job so she has tons of time to share with us and go to church haha, and she already has been kind of dropping her catholic stuff and integrating into our church. Those old ladies in Relief Society do a good job. Her favourite thing about church is when this lady in Relief Society came up and gave her a huge kiss on the cheek (which is a normal tradition here for ladies) and was super funny during the class. Good job members! Otherwise shes learning really well and is really on board with everything and will probably get baptized if we figure out the one little problem of the boyfriend in Spain. Life isnt perfect! That same haitian med student is still asking really deep doctrine questions and believes our message, but still needs that security of an answer from God and the stupid med student schedule is too busy. Other people are doing good, but I have the strange feeling we will be dropping the family we are supposed to take to the temple. We have lots of less actives becoming active again, we helped this one couple out this week visiting them and gave the wife a priesthood blessing. She was pretty sick and was crying in pain and stuff. Two days later she was in church with her husband and calm as ever. One week with renewed covenants, success!

Well our time in Herrera is sort of winding down, since we are pretty sure Elder Suazo is heading out and Im sticking around, hopefully to train since its my dream to train again. We did exchanges with the MTC group and I went with a super cool Elder from Texas who didnt have a Texas accent at all. But it was a lot of fun, theyre so excited from the MTC and are so fascinated with the country and stuff haha and work really hard. My comp knew lots of spanish even, so even better! The little taxi rides stuffed like sardines were a little weird for them but they thought it was awesome haha.

So thats just a little bit of what happened. Really cool moments with the MTC crowd, things always go better with them and they bring a powerful testimony, we wowed the socks off of one new investigator when my comp told her how important what she was learning was. He was just like ¨This message is totally going to change your life, it sure has changed mine!¨ and the lady could only answer ¨Wow, that was beautiful.¨

Anyway, transfer calls this saturday, although we are already fairly sure of what is happening.

Thanks for everything family and I hope the week continues well for everyone. Always press forward in the faith. I love you with all my heart.

Siempre con amor,

Elder Sullivan

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