Monday, 19 January 2015

Dec 22 2014

Hey everyone!

Nice to hear that christmas is great! We will be talking soon, so Ill just write some stuff here for the blog.

This week was super awesome! We did some running around trying to get the baptism ready at the start, lots of stuff to be done since the ward here has forgotten how to baptize. I finally got to use my white clothes again, yeah! Cruz Maria is now a member of the church, and a rocking one at that. My voice was super hoarse that day though so she almost freaked out in the font when I said the prayer haha. But she got baptized well and even though she let go of my arm somehow I submerged her enough to be fully saved haha. We then proceeded to have a little celebration with cake and stuff and we got to hear all the people who got baptized testimonies. They were super cool, but of course I liked Cruz Maria´s best. She cried a bunch, so shes all ready to be a mormon, but it was nice to hear her side of the journey we all just took. Just for us randomly knocking on her sister´s door and her happening to be there for the lesson and then she came to church once and she loved it and remarked on something really interesting. She was only going to come every other week to church, but then, upon returning the week after missing the last, the teacher of the investigator class told Cruz that she was missed at church and she was wondering where she was. Cruz said that she felt truly wanted at the church, and that made a big difference for her. Later we made her pray and set a baptism goal, and so she prayed and worked for the baptism goal, and here we all are today. Shes a really different person now, calmer, more at peace and more open than before and she finds it easier to pray with real intent and speak about spiritual things, so its a good change to see. Shes still crazy though and super funny, she thinks Elder Reed is really funny even when he doesnt say anything haha, and they keep on making fun of each other for not understanding each other´s languages. Haha. 

Other news, we got Bernardo that old guy I was talking about who made comments in church, to commit to baptism and he came to the baptism service and stuff, hes really cool and funny he´ll make a great high priest someday disputing about the youth of the day. Another haitian med student is coming to church and stuff and we took a bunch of random selfies with him on his camera so he ought to remember us at least haha. 

Other than that we are doing good, waiting for Christmas and hopefully we have some people to visit those days and spend some time with haha. So far so good. Christmas has been neat, we handed out a bunch of pass along cards to all the random people we saw so that was fun, some people didnt want them but we gave them more anyway! My voice was and is messed up right now so its interesting to teach lessons like Darth Vader. ¨Luke, join the mormons, together we can rule the galaxy!¨. I can cook chicken now, YEAH!

Well I think thats all for now,
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Sullivan

PS Family, I will see you on the 25th, waiting anxiously!

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