Monday, 19 January 2015

Jan 19 2015

Hey everyone!

Im glad vacation was nice! I am very sorry to hear about the Linteris family, have them know that I will pray for them, and i send my love and hope they feel the eternity of their family, that no one is ever truly gone, we all continue to exist just as we have for eons. That the Lord protects them and sustains them always.

So this week was fairly interesting. Lots of people not home, and lots of investigators being kind of ¨flojo¨or floppy. But Cruz Maria went and picked up an older lady we are teaching for church and they came together so that was neat! I appreciate that this lady is really honest and actually does what she says she is going to do. She enjoyed church and appreciates Cruz Maria a lot, so we hope for her to progress and this will really be a boost for Cruz Maria in missionary work and the church overall. A lot of less actives have been coming back to church, one of the many med students we teach has started coming back again now that he is home from Haiti. Also, the home teachers of one less active family went and made a visit and committed them to church, and voila, there they were on sunday. The power of home teaching is interesting. President just committed us to working with the members more and there is some good evidence that it works. This one less active who is almost counted as reactivated has been coming now for a few weeks and reads scriptures and manuals a lot, but there is still a lack of the peace in her house haha. They have this little puppy that Elder Reed always plays with, so thats cool. Its crazy, he always sticks his fingers into its mouth but at the point where it cant bite him haha. He also keeps it spinnng around and carries it everywhere, its like his little baby or something. Anyway, we are basically family there. The mom is crazy though and her kids crazy. They have a more than classic Dominican sass and are always yelling at each other, the neighbours and the dog. Especially her younger daughter, shes kind of a nasty child who kept on calling Elder Reed and I ¨dirty¨ so her mom kind of beat her, and then she flipped us off so more beating and then she tried throwing stuff at me so more beating until she finally gave up. Beating is kind of the base response around here, I dont think Ill ever use it on my future children haha, its super ineffective. This one guy keeps talking to us about cars, a subject that could interest us less than a pickle. We took a former evangelical member to some of our lessons and he got all the investigators saying ¨amen¨haha. Also, went to this one lady who started talking down on people from San Juan, calling them dirty, less than human and really mean. The member with us laughed super hard and then said he was from San Juan. She had to backpedal there, and said one in every five San Juaneros arent bad, but the other four are bad haha. That same Haitian guy told us he had read to jacob in the book of mormon again.  Someday we will be victorious in Herrera! We kind of got to phone call that one awesome ex preacher who went to San Juan, we hope he comes back, he sounds good though. 

Today we went out into the city and saw the olympic plaza. Basically a bunch of sports centers, the largest one being the main baseball diamond (which we could not enter) A lot of other cool buildings though, and they let us into the fencing club. Nostalgia. I didnt get to fence with the people though or even goof off with the equipment, I suppose I should have asked if I could have. Oh well. We at least played a bunch of sports like soccer and basketball, both of which were kind of super competitive Im surprised I survived. Actually, my team actually won a bunch which is different than usual. We then went for an adventure, Elder Reed and I, through the city and went to some stores and malls and stuff. It was neat, not as big as that other malll. In a toy store I bought a stuffed toy. It was kind of expensive, but worth my happiness haha. Taco Bell so far is the only restaurant capable of filling me with a single plate (except for pica pollos, those dont count their meals can be massive).

Well I think thats about it for now, all is well here.
Gracias! Y con amor!

Elder Sullivan

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