Monday, 16 June 2014

June 16, 2014 (Father's Day and Transfers)

Hey family! And Happy Father´s Day Dad! (It doesnt exist here)

So that´s interesting to hear about the chingunguya thingy being outside the country. Almost everyone in the country has had it now. I´m glad you guys managed to finish the kitchen and everything. It probably looks pretty cool. The German orchestra sounds pretty cool, and Elder Lopez and I think the Schubert piece is awesome. The World Cup is not that big here. People are really into baseball but barely even watch soccer here in the Dominican. The one exception to latin countries, the DR. Tanner´s wedding sounds cool, I say congratulations and stuff. Im glad the youth are getting into jazz. Its some pretty fine music.

So, the big news is that this week is transfers, and that Elder Peña and Elder Lopez are leaving :(. Its sad, and our house will probably never be as cool now, but it was fun while it lasted. Without Elder Peña, the baptisms will definitely drop. They had the chance to say bye to everyone yesterday and more today, and everyone is pretty sad, especially about Elder Peña. He will probably cry when we visit familia menyetti tonight. Im going to miss Elder Peña and his rasta man and coolness, and the branch is going to miss him. It was really nice to talk with those two muchachos and I hope they have fun wherever they go. I got to talk with Elder Peña lots about stuffs, and with Lopez about music. It was cool. But anyway, Elder Forsyth and I are receiving new companions. They haven´t told us who yet.

Oh we also had interviews with the President. It was cool, President Nuckols is very funny and a really nice guy. It sounds like he really wants the missionaries to find lots of people and have more people to teach and broaden our investigator pools. He also said I cant be getting sick anymore haha. Hermana Nuckols and him asked a lot about who we are. Like, about the family, home and our past areas in the mission. So they know me better now haha. And it sounds like Hermana Nuckols used to visit Calgary sometimes, so they know a little bit about the area. 

Yeah so thats the big news. I suppose I left the house last week to preach, but was restricted again as the rash kind of appeared again but I was alright after a few days again. We have a district conference this weekend for Azua. Sounds like it will be pretty cool. Whoever my new companion is and I are going to have to work on finding new people to teach. So far we just visit less actives, recent converts, our two investigators and sometimes members. But we just have to find some new people, and actually go find them instead of just teaching all the converts haha.

Its been interesting to see the difference that work and activity make in our lives. The time I spent in the house recovering and resting from sickness were very deabilitating and even faith weakening, since studying and even praying is kind of a struggle when you´re sick and tired. It felt a lot better to be out working again, being useful and studying and doing missionary things again. So, activity really is a big part of remaining a faithful disciple. Its why we have callings and stuff, we have to stay active and working or we get lazy and just end up thinking in useless things. Just like the Nephites were industrious and diligent workers, while the lamanites were lazy and thieves. Activity is really important to remain doing good, rather than doing nothing or bad. The idle mind is the devil´s tool. But thats whats good about being a missionary, is that youre not idle.

Well I cant think of too many other things. Its been a good time, and now its going to be really different whatever happens. Hopefully its good! 

Thanks for everything family! Hope this week is wonderful for everyone!

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Sullivan

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