Friday, 13 June 2014

June 9th 2014

Hey everybody!

Sounds like everyone is having a great time doing all the very many things that you all do! You guys certainly have more and better planned church activities! (Ours are kind of first come first serve). I´m glad everyone liked the letter, It was a little silly, yes, but I´m pretty silly so there it is. The new kitchen looks really good! You guys are like a modern family now with slick black granite marble countertop thingys to make awesome foods! By the way to make platanos properly, there are a couple of ways. If you are going to eat them verde (green) you have to peel them with the knife really well so you dont get little chunks of the peel, and then you can do a couple of things with them. One, you can boil them in halves and then mash them with milk and butter and fry some onions and put them on there and thats mangue or however its spelt. To fry them, you have to either cut them super thin, like chips, and make platano chips or you can do it classic where you cut them not quite so thin, like a little bit thinner than in the picture I see I think, and then you fry them a little bit, just until the outside turns that nice gold color, and then you take them out and mash them just enough so the inside oozes out and then you put them back in until the get crispy! Thats the most work, but it tastes the best. Anyway, youre better off eating something tastier probably (although, I do like platanos fritos), 

Wow Tanner got married! Cool. That was fast. Elder Lopez and I are very jealous of Tasha (I want fine music too! She better buy a CD of them and send me it!! Please? Por favor?) What did they play?

So there isnt all that much to say about this week. I hurt my foot and then got this weird fever thing that is going around the country called chincunguya or something (just call it chickengoo or something). Anyway, its a fairly nasty disease that first gives you dots on your skin then high fever and then bone pains that last all day and night. At day three I was very much fried. But I didnt die and feel ok today so thats good! The nice thing was too that at church (I only went to sacrament meeting) all of our converts and our two investigators came, even though a bunch were sick too! So we all managed to renew our covenants together even though our bodies really just wanted to lie down and rest (not that lying down helped. That also hurt). But it was really nice to see everyone is still really devoted to the gospel, even when the chips are looking down (is that how that phrase works?) And even though yes a few times during the day I wanted to die rather than lie around hurting so much, its nice to know that bad things end and good things keep going, and that the Lord is with us, even when we dont know it. Like He says in the scriptures, I will never abandon you. Thats true, and we are here to grow, so some pain is important. And its nice to know the Lord and all the people around me care and are still pleased with what I do, even if thats just rolling around in bed drinking IV solution. Just another day in the service. Man I love the corps!

Anyway, so even though this week lots of the time was passed sleeping or trying to sleep and not really talking to anyone because I was so dead, it was still a good week. Mostly because its done and now we have this week! Which is the last week of this transfer, because apparently we are only having a four week transfer this one and eight for the next. We have interviews with the President this week. He is super cool and funny and really excited to be here. It will be nice to talk with him face to face. He already changed a few things around here, and wants us to talk to all the people everywhere. Yeaa!

So I cant think of anything else for this week. Maybe Ill have more photos in a second from Elder Peña. If not, next week! Have a great week everybody, be safe, I am always praying for all of you and I hope only the best!

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

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