Monday, 2 June 2014

June 2nd 2014

Hey everybody!

Life sounds pretty awesome for everyone! Good job Christina on the triathlon, thats pretty fast and awesome, sad that not so many finished the race but good job! Well, you guys could have sold some of my junk if you felt like but it sounds like the Poon boys already have all of it anyway. Everyone sounds really busy over there. We are about the same a little less since the family got baptized. Sounds like lots of music is being played and performed, me like. Interesting stake conference, sounds at least uplifting! We are supposed to have big news in a conference for the district of Azua sometime soon, hopefully to become a stake! Glad everyone got to see the temple and do lots of cool things and that everyone survived aftergrad (a miracle I would say) and that big things are happening!

So the biggest news here would be the arrival of Presidente Nuckols. We had a conference with him on thursday where he spoke and stuff. People with birthdays got chocolates (why not me? haha). It was awesome to meet him and stuff. Hermana Nuckols and him are super cool! He had lots of jokes to tell us, like, about his last name (apparently he has a relative named harry, so he´s ¨Harry Nuckols¨. It made some sense in spanish too haha. He served his mission in España. A few things here dont make any sense to them, like, someone talked about sunday being the day that water arrives and its a challenge for getting people to come to church and I saw him lean over to one of the assistants and ask why water arriving was so important. He told us he likes to surf (the first thing he talked about) and wow he is really tall like 6 foot 6 or more. He is really nice, made a saturday night live reference about baseball, likes to be happy and make everyone laugh a bit. So that was pretty neat. Hermana Nuckols looked really tired, but is really nice and has been to Calgary before for the Stampede. They havent had their training yet in the big mission president meeting yet, but they got to spend 5 days with the quorom of the twelve! So they got to do really cool things for sure! Presidente Nuckols is really excited about the work here, he believes right now we are in a chosen land, because the flag here has an ¨open bible¨ on the front. When he was in Spain, they sometimes only taught one lesson a week and that wasnt bad. Here, we just enter people´s houses, they openly talk about God everywhere and lots read the bible. So we think the work will progress even more here than it has been. We just have to have vision and work according to Presidente Nuckols. We need some sort of vision. He´s really optimistic, so Im sure the vision will be more than we asked for haha. They speak fluent french, how useful in a spanish country! President Uchtdorf made a comment about that apparently when he called them haha. Anyway, all in all they are really neat, have traveled Europe a lot and are really optimistic and friendly, I hope things go really well for them here!

So yeah, things have slowed but also sped up. With the family baptized, mostly we just visit converts and less actives now since we have no one else to teach haha. They are starting to have all those deep and interesting questions and have really been attacked by satan lately. Lots of disturbing dreams, opposing family members and questions and stuff, but their faith is so unshakable and strong they have really risen up against it all and proclaimed in fast and testimony meeting that the devil would have no place in their lives, and that they have the truth of the gospel. The parents´ testimonies are so strong and wonderful to hear and they openly share. They have become such a strong couple and its so nice to see the gospel work such a change in them as they come closer to the Lord. Junior is still funny as ever, his jokes are so clever, I cant even keep up. He always has something awesome to say. Someone was talking about blood sugar levels, and said ¨And her sugar went up¨ and so he said ¨You´re right, sugar has been more expensive lately¨. Classic! Coolest guy ever, I hope he gets an awesome calling because he really deserves one. When they asked about what happens if a spouse dies early, it was kind of funny because he was just wondering if in heaven if like his wife got remarried and arrived in heaven with another he would be all like ¨And what? Who is this?¨ So we assured him it only means something in heaven if they are sealed! Yeah!

Other than that our other three converts are good. Brian is such a cool youth so active and lively and does a lot of stuff. Sora (the young girl) is still active and awesome but is still really sassy and still makes fun of us haha. The older lady out in finka 6 is doing good but because of her grandchild´s health has missed church a couple times. But she is still super cool!

So yeah, we are teaching two youth, the worst behaved youth we have invited within the walls of the church. They just kind of come from bad home environments but wow one of them has such a burning desire to be baptized and change and join the church, he just doesnt really know how to turn that desire into action, but hes getting there. The other one cant stop laughing but I think he likes the church. They both just want to be at the church all the time haha. Too much. They´re always there. They´re funny though and I like them and I always have to give piggy backs but ah well. Sometimes they really try. I think one of them has a testimony. They at least feel like they belong at church. But they need to be less annoying to the members, or someone might punch them.

So thats kind of all thats happening. We had some cool zone activities and stuff like that and played games and such. We sang happy birthday on the phone for a hermana. We eat really good food like banana bread sometimes. And yeah! It was a fairly normal week otherwise!

I hope everthing continues good for everyone. I am so glad to be out here and Im glad everyone is out and about as well. I hope someday you can meet these people who are so dear to me. I know so much more about God´s love now, what it really is and how He shows it and how much He truly loves all of us, and to be a reprsentative of His Son, I need to also have His love. If nothing else, love has changed these people´s lives forever now, and they dont have to worry about anything else. God really loves us. A lot. I wish we could all have His love and share it perfectly. And be optimistic like the mission president and have vision for our lives and the lives of all of God´s children!

Anyway, thanks for everthing family! Have a wonderful week! Adelante! Adelante!

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan
PS Our new theme from a song ¨Todo es increíble!¨ Everything is awesome!

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