Monday, 23 June 2014

June 23rd - With Elder Nelson


Awesome to hear that everything is going well and that school is over and everything. Congratulations to Christina for doing super well! Outdoor Ed was the best program ever too bad it only happens one year. Ive tried emailing Ricky a couple of times but he didnt answer haha. I hope all the preparations for the trip go well and you all have fun off in Europe (hopefully doing cool stuff, like not looking at buildings and museums all day). Maybe go surfing in Europe haha or sailing on the mediterranean or something cool like that I dunno. You know, our home ward (like, Chestermere ward) is actually super well run. The youth program is really successful and lots of the young men are going on missions. Tell them that I say hi and to go on missions fully prepared and with lots of love for random people! Have fun teaching seminary Mom! Its funner than it looks!

I am really glad to hear about the temple, and that Gong Gong is now part of our journey back home. Temples really are inspired of God, and the greatest thing about God´s plan for us here. We had a little moment where we talked about the temple and things in the house. Im so glad our family is eternally together, and what it says in DyC about how we can only truly be saved with all our family together makes a lot more sense now, that we are all meant to be together and carry on a plan that has been in existence... forever! The greatest thing to share with converts is about the temple, because its really what we are here to do, is make it there. Because God wants his family to be all together, living eternally in such wonderful perfection. But we still have to work on that, the whole perfection thing. We need to learn. And thats really all we are here to do outside of just sitting in the temple enjoying the presence of the whole family. Its kind of painful as a missionary to not go to the temple much, but its part of how we have to work outside a lot to bring salvation. Its been special to be out here knowing Gong Gong is always just watching over me, instead of worrying and being sick, he is just taking care of me. So its been really special to share such a wonderful plan with all of you, and also all of the people here. If only everyone could just understand the wonder of what we are all doing. So thats awesome! I send all my love to all of the family and hope that everyone can always feel the love of family and the love of God, and realize we are never apart.

Well, it was a good week this week. Elder Nelson is my new companion, from Belize too! He is a funny guy and did a lot of stuff at home that I used to do like play video games and watch anime haha. We are both skinny and tall, in fact, he weighs even less than I do, which may be a little difficult to believe, but there it is. But thats alright, because we are going to work out and get huge. Elder Nelson has lots of funny jokes and stories, and really wants to come back to this country after the mission, which is really close to happening in like 4 months or something like that. But yeah its fun. The new zone leader in the house is Elder Lindsay from Utah. He is fairly classic like country Uta (like, hunting and stuff)h but is super cool. We are having fun.

Anyway, not too much has happened. We did get this one guy to come back to church after inactivity for like, ever. we just went to their house and told them that God loved them and wanted them to always be happy, and he came back! Now we are reviewing all the thousands of things they have forgotten about the church. Our two young men are set to be baptized still, although there are a few trials such as reading the book and behaving and getting along haha. But they are still super cool. We mostly want to reactivate people, especially using our big conference this weekend! We are set to be organized as a stake of Zion here in Azua! Yeahh!! So that should be cool this weekend, lots of work coming up to keep everything running and still more baptisms as well. But its been really cool. Big changes are coming about, and its super awesome to be in Azua to see them!

I miss you all, and love you all! It has been the greatest experience ever serving the people of the DR here, and its been so wonderful to help them realize what is the great plan of happiness in store for them as children of God. I hope that all of us together can really become disciples of Christ and all be on our way home together.

Con todo mi amor,
Elder Sullivan

Un abrazo!

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