Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July 14 2014

Hey everybody!

Great to hear about Europe! France sounds pretty quaint and stuff, I would like the whole cafe and bakery lifestyle I think. It sounds like they like their gardens a lot haha and that´s cool that you saw all those palaces and things. We heard about the world cup, although it is not popular at all here, and I suppose its nice that Germany won haha. Here is a little different than touring, since we live here, and the first day we always have help from companions and other missionaries, so we´re not ever all that lost and without things to do. And if you happen to enter a blanked out area, well thats fine you just contact a lot of doors haha. There arent any big basilica churches here. I´ve only seen a couple ¨large¨ church buildings and they really arent all that grand, most of the churches appear somewhat poor, maybe because the people in them are paid and so the buildings dont expand. Our buildings are some of the largest, and definitely the most modern and nicest. But at least Europe has pretty churches!
Ok so I accidentally pressed send because my computer skills are a little lameish. Sorry.

Anyway, so this was a really good but also slow but cool week. With all the investigators being baptized, we have to look for them now, and the whole reference receiving thing has slowed down to about nothing. But we try! We have been contacting quite a bit at everyone´s doors, and hopefully we dont run out of area to contact, or else we might have to venture out into some strange places I have never even seen before other than some outlying trees. Today we had a guy fix our washing machine. I almost forgot that a washing machine was supposed to spin so fast and actually clean a full load of clothes. So thats nice. We also saw some cool things. Some cool birds flying around. We got to teach our converts a bunch. THey are super cool. Of course, each person has their own little problem, but bit by bit they get better. Such as I give way too many piggybacks to my convert. And they always are running around and are nuts. Its a patience trial or something. The family menyetti is still super awesome, although the son hangs out with a poor looking crowd and needs different friends haha. I think the mom kind of holds a lot of it together. Our elder´s quorom recently changed leadership, so maybe they will actually do stuff and be a cool kind of quorom or at least something that resembles one or I dunno haha. Originally, we just kind of hit a brick wall with the last guy but the new guy is kind of cool other than he doesnt really live here much, he lives in the capital during the week. Ah well. We made banana bread again for our people as you may have seen, and it was super good again (although, that cake pan is definitley stolen from the hermanas. They want some too, but Im not sure if they are getting any). It was funny because one guy there started falling asleep right when we asked who wants to pray and Junior said ¨Well, somebody is all ready to do it!¨ because the guy´s head was totally already bowed. So he said it. Some guy while we were contacting knocked on his own door back at us. So I told him to enter. That made him knock the door even harder and basically pound it. I hope those hinges dont break. We left that house to find some catholic people who totally just ignored us when I was staring right at them. These kids keep asking if we want coffee. Elder Nelson called them out on it and said, ¨well bring it then¨. They were lying, they had no coffee. I did a baptism interview, with a guy who can´t read and stuff but he knew what was up. We chilled a lot. They cut our light for a couple of days because they lost our account. So we lived in the dark for a bit. At least we had water. And its not like light is totally necessary (it actually defrosted our fridge and freezer, so that was nice). I left the house with some very unironed shirts though. And overall happiness and morale was a little bit lower haha. But it was a cool enough week. We have this new cool investigator who has a bunch of questions, especially about strange stuff in the bible. Like, obscure passages in psalms about how we are gods, which we explained to him as being like his children and stuff yeah. But hey, he wants to come to church, and he might be the only one.

So thats a lot of what has happened. Heard some chinese music in a store run by chinese people recently. Heard some cool christian music in a park sung by some haitians. And I shut down a bike trip some of the hermanas were going to do because it was totally unsafe haha and so hopefully they didnt go. And thats kind of what happened this week!

I hope everyone is doing really well and everything is great. I know the Lord is taking care of all of you really well, so I don´t have to worry. Its been really great this week to meet new people and start having new chances to reveal the truth to people. The Restoration has always been my favourite thing to teach, its so hopeful and uplifting. I hope it touches some pople as it has touched all of us.

Anyway, I love all of you and hope that your week is great!
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Sullivan

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