Wednesday, 23 July 2014

June 30th 2014

Hey everybody!

Its nice to see pictures and hear about your adventures off in London, it sounds pretty cool! Lots of neat buildings and stuff to see (like swords). And lots of old stuff (including you, crippled father haha kidding). Thanks so much for the stories and pictures, its really neat and inspiring! I hope the trip keeps going well and that Dad gets better fast! It would have been cool to see the battleship. Thanks for making the package, hopefully we receive it here!

Your trips are probably a little more exciting than this week, although it was a pretty good week. The sun is getting hotter, but I usually feel just fine except for when the sweat starts to get sticky at night. I guess we are coming into summer. Otherwise, everything feels good, Im not sick at all or anything and its nice.

So we are having a good time Elder Nelson and I. He speaks english, but speaks awesome spanish and knows a lot about how to contact people effectively, so that we actually end up with people to teach after. Basically, we speak a lot less and only go to their house if they are there for their return appointment haha. We did quite a bit of knocking on doors, mostly because we are super low on investigators, but lots of converts and less actives. President has asked us specifically now to go out and visit converts and less actives and teach them a lot, because really we need retention and eternal life is only achieved if one can reach the temple. So thats what we do, is the work of salvation mostly with converts. Our two youth guys are doing really well and are going to be baptized this weekend after months of attending church. They are supe cool and ready and have really changed a lot, like mellowed down and become more serious and its kind of surprised me. I just hope they can continue, because I dont want to just keep having youth go inactive like sometimes happens with youth, so we are trying to see their families at least a little bit. Anyway, at least the program has lots of support for them because the young men´s leader is super good and the youth are super strong, President commented on it. So its going pretty well there!

We had our district conference, lots of people attended. Especially random less actives and the like. We are yet to become a stake, but apparently it will be soon. I suspect the strength of the priesthood still isnt there. But hopefully we are developing it. All the talks were about the family and there was one about tithing haha. The mission president shared a lot at the conference. He wants retention in the branches really badly. He wants no one lost. He did this really interesting thing that was really powerful where he took one of the branch presidents and had him name three recent converts. He then talked a little bit about what Jesus told Peter when they were out fishing again after he had been ressurected. The whole, ¨Feed my sheep¨ thing. And President did that same exercise with the branch president and his three names he had given of recent converts. Really striking, and he talked a lot about how the names of people are written down and we make memory of them. He says we really need to work with people, with names and should do everything possible for these names of people. He still wants us baptizing, but wants us in converts houses a lot. Luckily, we were already doing that mostly because they are just a lot of them and we can´t let them go inactive. So it was really cool what president had to say. We will hear even more of it in the zone meeting coming up.

So that was the big event, the whole conference thing and mostly trying to find people and keep everybody rolling. Being a district leader mostly stinks, its kind of like how everyone thought being a prefect in school would be super awesome (well, it was) but it was mostly just a lot of work. Its sort of fun though, I guess. I gave some botches (um like, harsh talks or like reprimands) out yesterday haha, hopefully everyone left feeling better and not worse. I also have to do a baptism interview soon. So that´s good. We are eating good food, and we actually cleaned the house really well today. I wear a lot of deodorant and have a very nice odor haha and have been using softener and scenter kind of things on my wash so everything is beautiful haha. I´ll send a photo of my collection of hygiene products someday.

Anyway, thats kind of all I can think of that was really cool. The gospel sure is neat! I hope everyone is doing great. Love you all!

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

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