Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July 21 2014

Hey Mom and Dad (And other people who may or may not read this!)

Really nice to hear about Italy in Rome and Venice! Sounds really neat to be going around the streets in boats. I would like that I think, other than the traffic. The cafe and music and culture of the life there would appeal to me, and its awesome you guys got to enjoy that. I´m glad you guys enjoyed such great music and stuff, there isnt too much of that out here, but the colmado (corner store) below us plays lots of Enrique Iglesias for us on his really loud speakers so, I guess thats cool. The Christian history of Rome is pretty extensive, and Pablo (Paul) is a very popular apostle out here in the DR. Their stories are really inspiring and remind me that the road is supposed to be hard and we really dont suffer out here as much as we think we do and every effort is worth it. Sounds like awesome cultural experience!

So we had an interesting week! It was pretty good, other than the water stopped for half of the town and so we completely ran out, even in our reserve tanks. Even today we are here without water, we had to grab a litle bit of water from the church just to shower haha. But we are all good and Im sure it will come back soon. Otherwise we spent a lot of time out in the sun walking, because its been getting pretty hard to find new people lately. Lots of old people answer the door and have very little to say. But we finally got one investigator in church with a baptism date and progressing. He is a super cool guy, lives at his dad´s house for now but is a young adult. He has a past of worldliness but also a great search for godliness. He has visited lots of churches and looked a long time for a church and for God but hasn´t really found anything. So we gave him a book of mormon and took him to church yesterday, and he loved it so we may have some progress with him. The only thing is that he has never felt any confirmation in his life from the spirit or even that God exists so we will be helping him see the bigger picture if we can. Anyway, hes a super cool guy he just feels a little burdened with sin and doesnt really know why because he doesnt have any confirmation of it all. He liked church though. And he knows a junk loead abot the bible and stuff and weird doctrines from his expansive church studies and searches.

There has been a lot of white people around here lately. President and Hermana Nuckols came to our branch this week and spoke and have suggested we try to establish a culture of timeliness here in the branch haha. But they liked it. Also, a mormon girl from america came to church due to an invitation from Elder Forsyth and Lindsay. She was here with some Adventists who were her friends and they were like, doing some sort of service. So that was cool. There are also hosts of tourvolunteerists clogging the streets.

We visit a lot of people usually in a day, but have taught so few investigators lately haha. We really only have two steady investigators right now and a lot of door knocking, which gets more and more interesting with each one. Elder Nelson was contacting this one guy, who told us we needed to preach to those who didnt already have the truth and Jesus in their lives and that he already had the truth, because only those who dont have the truth need to be preached right? Elder Nelson said ¨Well, thats something, but its not true. Here is a card with our number call us if you want to hear the truth one day.¨ I doubt he will call. Basically people who are really rude to us hear it very straight from us, in a cordial manner, that they are wrong. For being missionaries, people think they can treat us different than human beings, and thats just fine because we arent anyway! We are children of God! Some less actives also are coming back to church not really from much of our effort, mostly their own, but its nice to be helping and seeing the branch improve a lot right now.

As you may have seen from the host of photos, we went to the beach again, but this time to a white sand one on the other side of an arco. The white sand one was awesome, with legit soft and smooth sand kind of like Tofino (not the same fine grind of sand though) and it was super easy to see the fish, we took a bunch of underwater pictures in the shallows. Elder Lindsay tried to catch a lobster we say that was like yellow and redish but wow they are fast. He was trying to use a stick to drive it out onto the beach, but it was way too fast in some sand that got easily kicked up and cloudied the water, so it got away. Nearly got Elder Lindsay, Elder Lindsay basically flew out of the water running from it. Next was the crab, who tried to bury himself in the sand, but when Elder Lindsay started getting him with a stick, he put up a big fight trying to battle the stick and eventually was brought to the shore, pincers out and everything. Elder Lindsay won, and the crab was so tired at the end he blew his bubbles and had to rest for a second before he could move again when we let him go haha. So that was fun! Otherwise, the hermanas combed the beach dry of shells and we had fun running in the sand and I splashed a lot in the shallows and it felt good to see the ocean again and feel that revitalizing effect of sea water in the face.

Well I hope all is well! It is here! Have an awesome summer!
Con amor,
Elder Sullivan

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