Thursday, 31 July 2014

July 27 2014

Hey everyone! (Happy Father´s Day Dad! A little late!)

So sorry I dont have any pictures this time, I forgot the little thingy to send them and I only had a couple lame ones anyway.
I got the package yeah! On like, wednesday or something like that. It was really nice thanks! The HI CHEWS are already disappearing and are awesome! My clothes smell wonderful again and make me happy and the new basketball is super nice and thanks for the letters they were really nice and uplifting, although the cursive writing was a little difficult for me to read, but I got it at the end. Europe looks really cool! I like the Venice look and the English countryside thing with the little neat houses. The eifell tower looks nice lit up. Dad looks goofy with his classy hats, and mama and the sisteries look good (my sisters are getting so old!). Nice to hear the home ward is doing well and everyone is back into the calgary life so well and that everyone is safe and sound and feeling well. The band got back together. NICE. Tell the Simmons (if they arent already gone) I say hi and whats up and hope life is super good. Well, you can basically say that to everyone. I doubt the missionaries enjoyed mission stories as much as the marriage story since its sisters and thats their thing.

Around here, the temperature has been going up, I think its summer or something. We had a pretty good week, especially considering the amount of people we did not find in their houses. That awesome cool investigator guy, tony, came to church again without us going by to get him and has read lots of the BOM. So he is progressing at least, and slowly realizing that he has been fulfilling his desire to reach God little by little right now, although his past and dreams are really haunting him. But we love the guy and he loves us, he always just wants to talk. I like his attitude of enjoying life but being spiritual and doing exercises like tai chi. I really hope we can help him figure it out and like, live the law chastity might be a tough one. It usually is with every guy here. I really hope he can figure it out and everything.

We spent a lot of time with this member family, who gave us references and stuff but we paid for them in doing their chores haha. They are really cool, kind of cowboy like people. They have a huge garden of awesome vegetables and a finka farm outside of the town with like 11 cows. They live a funny country style life, and love having the missionaries around. We chatted with them and it´s always funny to talk about our family and sometimes Dad´s business (its become an interesting topic. I think I´ve been labelled by the other missionaries as a rich boy, but I think I´m really just rich because my family is awesome and cool and they just don´t understand haha.) People like to hear about Canada, as its kind of a mysterious country for them. They always think its part of the states here. And they never know where or what Belize is. Ah well. Anyway, these members made some super funny racist comments about asians all being cruel mean people with bad hearts, especially Koreans. I turned the other cheek and remarked that our language sounds kind of mean which also received a slap to the other cheek. No point in getting half the deal, might as well get full. They think its funny that I come from a mixed family, its sort out outside of all their stereotypes they put on everyone. Anyway, this family also gave us a reference of another family which is super cool since we need people to teach, although I´m not sure how many more times we will have to wash the dishes to get more references. 

Other cool story, so we were having a nice awesome day in church for father´s day. Some really touching talks, one from Juniour, who said he couldnt wait to be baptized for his father who had passed away 10 months ago in the temple and he really values being a father and taking care of his children. An unmarried but engaged guy then talked about marriage (so, he knew nothing!). The best but worst part was the gospel principles class. It was about the word of wisdom and being healthy. Our wonderful teacher (who I dont know why he is teaching the class but there it is) began speaking about some sort of random stuff like how living the word of wisdom has blessed him and he is a really healthy man and oter stuff about weird stuff in his life. Our investigator made a cool comment about how to eat a big breakfast. Then the teacher said some strange stuff about how to be healthy, and says ¨you dont need to run on a track, you can just run in your bathroom for an hour each day.¨ Somehow, right before he said bathroom, Elder Nelson guessed that was what he would say. The class kind of just stared blankly, and all the missionaries were trying really hard not to laugh. He continued on about how great it is to run in your bathroom and how he is in good shape (he is totally just a fat middle aged man) ¨I mean, sure I´m big but thats because Im compact and my body compacts everything. I have super compact thigh muscles¨. Yeah, ok man. He then made some strange comments about women trying to flirt with him in the streets but that he just ignored that and so Elder Lindsay made some comment about how the law of chastity is next week´s lesson. Yeah, its a great class. Mostly the guy brags about his life, and a few comments from the students are interesting. Juniour and Martha totally joked about it when we were teaching them again. ¨So, I guess we have to run for 18 hours in the bathroom now if we want to be as fit as the missionaries walking all the time. I mean, its probably good to run in such a hot area since you´ll sweat a lot and you can shower right away!¨ So that was interesting. I think it may have sent tony home after that class, even though he said he felt a little sick and got a phone call haha. 

So thats my stories, we have lots of rejections at doorways but Elder Nelson gives them a pass along card and tells them to call us when they wish to hear the truth. We did a cool activity today where we had a flour bomb war. We filled socks with flour and threw them at each other as a zone activity. I got my buds good, I almost made Elder Nelson a white man. Elder Forsyth went down after a dirty shot to the groin from Elder Nelson. And some of the hermanas were hitting my back all the time with flour (and not lightly). I preferred getting people in the face or dumping it on their head. Good thing I´m not a zone leader, they got severely covered in flour. Anyways, it was fun and didnt even take that long to do or clean up at all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and that the summer closes with August in great fashion. I love you all!

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

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