Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July 7 2014

Hey everybody!

Well all that business in the europe sounds pretty cool! And the Queen was around while you guys were. Cool! I´m surprised they didn´t call saying ¨The Duke and I would like to have a spot of tea with the Sullivan clan¨. We also have sore feet from walking lots hahaha. But it sounds pretty cool, all the swords and stuff at least. And visiting people and eating that wonderful British food (haha). I suppose artifacts might be pretty cool. The culture here is interesting but we dont really learn much abot the history and stuff like that. Church sounds interesting over there and romantic isnt a great word choice to describe a mission. More like, going around hanging out with cool people and crazy people and knowing a buttload of crap about the gospel and sweating a lot. My life is good. Real good.

I havent received the package, but I did see the deduction on my money so hopefully that was it. The whole mail receiving thing is a little slower out here in the south, since it only gets out here when the office comes or the zone leaders go to the office.

So this week was pretty cool. We were pretty busy running around doing a bunch of things to run an activity where I ran a lot to keep everyone entertained since there were no other adults, and just us two missionaries. But I showed them up with my running speed, they´re all too short and never work out in the gym on their legs haha. Taught some cool lessons and stuff, trying to find new people wherever we can (mostly that means the street knocking on doors and visiting the members so we can drink their water hahahaha). As you may have seen in the photos, we had two baptisms (and the zone leaders had one too!). They are a group of young men we have been teaching for the past 3 months or so, and they havent missed a single day of church or seminary or really anything. So they finally got their desire and were baptized on saturday! They kind of stink with the whole reading thing but thats cool, theyll get it one day. Anyway, so it was super cool that they got baptized. They have such a strong desire to be members for some reason, and something is motivating them to do it and as they say ¨leave the street¨. Unfortunately, no parental or family support, just the usual ¨Oh its good they´re joining a church yes I´ll sign the paper.¨ Ah well. But they are super cool, strong testimonies especially of prayer. The really skinny one, Juan Jose, he says some great prayers and really knows that prayer has power, and just really wants to be a rocking member. So now he just has to keep that up. Ezekiel is a goof but he knows and got a lot better, realized you have to be serious about things. Anyway, they´re all still goofs and little boys, but when they become men, then it will be different. They received some real cool promises in their confirmations, things that barely even seem possible, but they really believe it can. So I hope all the ADHD and their goofiness never makes them lose what they have found. At least everyday is different with them, and I´m getting stronger from all the piggybacks. So they were baptized finally and it was a cool thing, they were super happy to finally be baptized and now be members and they received the priesthood later and yeah they feel awesome. Brayan feels cool too because he got to baptize his friend and that made him feel special and yeah now he has one baptism already under the belt before his mission haha. So Azua has been super cool, wow. Those young men are really special to me, it was a lot about caring for them and trying to be the discipline and love that they lack at home and still be cool guys to show we was friends. 

So now we dont really have many investigators. Just one reference from a youth who is about to turn 18. Lives in kind of a hard situation with the family but she really likes what we teach and something must have changed because she came to church on sunday. I think her friend is working really hard with her. And its paying off! She sure reads a lot and must pray and do cool things like that. Too bad we only visit once a week. If we visited more, we could be not knocking on doors so much and just sitting in houses. So far we just visit a lot of converts and less actives haha. At least they want us in their houses haha. Its fun to visit the people we have baptized and keep on helping them, I hope they can keep on being as strong as they were they day of becoming a member. They need more support from the ward, but at least they understand the great plan waiting for them and that they have such great purpose here. Met a guy recently who had left the church and become a really bitter dude, I guess he had some troubles and said that there was too much bad in the world and just wants to sit in his house miserable and tell everyone about it haha. So that was fun. Happiness really is a choice, thats why Heavenly Father gave us choice, is because thats really all it is is choice. Who wants to be happy and do good, and who doesnt.

Anyway, thats kind of all I can think of that has really happened that was cool. I like doing district meetings because I get to do what I want ahaha so I get to talk about my thoughts for the day with everyone haha and I often quote stuff and maybe I just like talking too much. Probably. Me and Elder Nelson are having fun and like to talk and chill and I like teaching with him. People seem to understand, and we both really like helping people out not so much obligating them to do stuff.

Yeah, so thats the week. Its been fun! I hope everyone is feeling great and having a good time, especialy out in holidays in Europe. 

Con amor, 
Elder Sullivan

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