Saturday, 6 September 2014

August 18th 2014

Hey everybody!

Well the camp sounds like a bit of a bummer, and its too bad you werent able to stick it out and head up the mountain and that the rain was super heavy. Kind of a series of unfortunate events. I remember that trip, and that I was sort of a bum about it complaining and stuff (I really am sorry about that) but really it was a great trip and really nice and pretty, so everyone kind of missed out. How did all their stuff get wet though? Thats what garbage bags are for. Sorry Dad that it didnt go so well! Hopefully the next adventures and holidays will be better (especially in Tofino surfing)! I hope Uncle Ray gets better!

Sorry I dont have any pictures this week, I havent taken any new ones since the large amount from last week. Mostly its been pretty normal around here. Elder Haag from before is here and likes Azua, other than maybe the heat. The happenings of the branch are kind of cool. We have been middlemanning a lot lately to try and get things happening like converts to the temple and glasses for people who cant read nothing and money for the sweet old lady in finca 6 who has been without money for weeks without telling us. At least she had enough to make it to church on a motorcycle taxi. People here are sometimes really complacent with suffering, especially Mariela. No such thing as too humble, but she sure comes close. Other than that, we havent really been finding too many people to teach yet. Tony is still super awesome, love that man.  He really wants to be super perfect and is a little perplexed that when he most wants to become a man of God and join the church and be baptized, he gets tested harder. But thats how it works! He will back on soon, and is just so happy to have us, especially Elder Nelson, around to just be there for him. I hope we always can be, and really lift him up. Sometimes people just need real love, and not fakeness. So I think he is getting that. What I hope is that he can leave the world behind, just leave it and take the easy yoke.

Otherwise, I had to teach the investigator class in church. Church classes are like speaking to the deaf as a blind person, or speaking to a block of slowly melting ice. But I kind of like it actually. We visit some less actives with some super crazy children. They are like 2 and fight all the time, steal each others stuff and are totally crazy. One of them loves Elder Nelson though and sometimes runs to him at stuff hahaha. I ran into some people in a game we played at an activity, tried to knock them to the floor but the only one who succeeded in that was brian, him and his bud took each others legs out. I told a bunch of people they have to keep reading the scriptures and be good members, because people dont like to do stuff. We ate some really good food this week, so I feel full.

Oh and the big news, we made a fence around someones house! I dont have any pictures, which is sad, but wow its cool! We had to drive in a bunch of sticks, so we dug holes with this thing and then yeah and its a good thing a guy who actually builds fences came at first to show us how, or we would have been in so much trouble. I really like using the thing to dig and then compact the dirt around the stick. It was pretty hard work though, especially when there were lots of rocks. At least it keeps the kid in now. I can work on a ranch now I guess, HAHA. First successful service given!

Well family, never give up, always be faithful, because its always worth it.

Con amor,
Elder Sullivan

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