Saturday, 6 September 2014

August 25th, 2014

Hey family!

I´m glad to hear that everything went well for the Tofino trip and that everyone is off surfing and doing cool things already! Red bull is probably really bad for your health, Dad. But good job on the record fast trip! Nice that you guys found the Wileys! The pictures look really good, Tofino is in good shape, although the waves looked a little small. Nice surfing though! I really wish I could surf sometimes, sometimes I look out the window and imagine being on oceanfront, judging if the waves that day are ready to ride. I do miss seafood a lot, especially Tofino fine fresh seafood like those clams in white wine sauce. Haha, I talk quite a bit about sailing with the people here, and use it for my little analogies (like, the anchor of faith thing or navigating and stuff like that). So have a good sailing trip! I really do hope the Linteris are ok, I will keep praying. Tell them I love them and all and want the to know it will always be alright! Well, my mission decision was really easy thanks to you guys and a host of experiences from God. The Lord sort of just calls, and we have to answer when He does. Catch the wind for me on the coast!

So here, a huge storm rolled through yesterday and the day before so we got really soaked. On saturday we got hit by the rain on the way back from Finca 6, and that open little dirt road gave no shelter so we kind of just walked in the rain all the way back and got changed at the house and hit the road again. Fun times! And then it rained on Sunday, but we managed to be inside houses most of the time. The rain was so harsh though, that the sound of it hitting on the tin roofs prevented us from talking much in people´s houses sometimes. But it was fun, and the temperature has really cooled down for that. It was kind of like being on the West Coast (or at least felt like it for me, although it was probably way warmer but I felt super cold). Anyway, even though it rained we still got a bunch of less actives into church, lots of which are reactivated now and Tony came too! We are working with him right now to be baptized in a couple of weeks, he is really far progressed, we just have to confirm a few things and teach things like the Word of Wisdom and tithing (the word of wisdom could be interesting). But we love the man, and he loves the church and God a lot so hopefully his faith is enough. He is super comfortable in church now and participates in the classes with his little tidbits of wisdom. The gospel principles teacher still bothers us, and once again made fun of Elder Nelson. I really wish that Martha had been called to do it instead of in primary. But thats okay, we will work with him (or something). Tony kind of challenged him on one point, but it ended up working out. Its best not to talk too much about the rich and the poor in this country, its kind of a heated topic. Mostly, classes are these strange mixes of audience participation equivalent to peanut gallery comments. Its like getting hit with spitballs in Elder´s quorom (poor teacher).

We did another service, shoveled a lot of dirt and moved it in buckets. That was fun. I liked it, it was better than sitting around at least, and now all those shoulder lifts and bench presses have paid off, I can actually do service projects! The guy was all like ¨oh you cant lift those buckets so full like that¨ and then I lifted two of them and told him it was ok. Really I just wanted to finish so we could sit and study again. At least aguacate (avocado) is in season and we are enjoying that!

Other than that, we have been super unsucessful contacting lately (people are just never in their house for the appointment, I think they are just lazy. Or sleep a lot. Or tell us to come when they are working.), but have received a few references that we teach. They are pretty good, but we havent had the message really hit them yet. They sort of need to read and pray, which they dont really do at all. But thats all good, they´re just working with Satan, and we need to stop that.

We also have fun with the Calderons, we like harvested some peas and other stuff like yams and made a really cool dinner and stuff with it. The yams were a little too soon, but they needed to make the space to save their banana trees. Everything here is done with a machete, even digging! And it sure is a jungle back there! But its fun to farm (well, to eat from the farm). They always listen to american music in that house, tis kind of weird.

Im getting better at dominoes, and Im figuring out more and more how it really works. I also know how to play dominican and american versions, so I will be a pro with all the old people at home. Its fun to play it at night in the house, and I like to trash talk and taunt as we play. I can even do it in spanish now! Um, otherwise everything is good. Ive sure given a lot of blessings out here in my time, my oil bottle has been half expended!

Well I think thats all. I always pray for all of you, and hope that everything goes well!

Que el Señor les cuide hasta que nos volvamos a ver,
Elder Sullivan

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