Monday, 8 September 2014

September 8th, 2014

Hey everybody!

Thanks for the photos of your adventures on the coast, it looks great! The boat looks really nice and so does Tofino, although quite a bit busier and it looks like Dad got himself some hippy bling to wear around haha (he´s a crusty hippie surfer with his weird burlap hippie sweater now.). The family looks good out there! Sailing is really great for preaching analogies and stuff haha, wish I could be sailing with you guys. The Heningers are looking really good too! Nice to hear the school year has started well, they changed seminary here to be in the morning as well, so I see the kids arrive at 6 to the church to begin from the windows. Sorry about no pictures this week, the adaptor thing decided to act up today so Im going to have to bring the cord next time and send the huge amount of photos I will have next week.

Yeah, the bank account was fine and everything, just that particular atm was being weird with my card. Thanks for checking! Haha, I just spent a lot at the temple was all and didnt want to be short. No, Elder Nelson still has no itinerary. He leaves the next transfer, so he only has like, 8 weeks left or something like that. I dont think I will be staying for his last transfer though, since then I would have to stay in Azua for a very long time. So I probably only have two weeks left here. Um, the storms have abated a bit, its a lot cooler now though and the sun is covered by clouds fairly often. Yeah!

So this week was good. We went to the temple, which was nice, but we went without President because he had to be here in Azua while were wer were in the temple. But its always great to be rejuvinated spiritually, and always nice to be close to the family (the whole family) in the celestial room. Its a blessing granted dearly from Heavenly Father that the family is always close in the temple. We always ate at Johnny Rockets, that classic american burger diner place. So good, the milkshakes are killer. Our week was a little busy lots of walking since the temple trip put us behind one day. But we are having pretty good success lately with certain things and setbacks in others. The strengthening of members and less actives and recent converts is going really well, our converts and members on our half are amongst the strongest, and we are slowly getting the work rolling forward with investigators, although its been hard to find them at times or they can only be seen very infrequently, which is difficult. But its good, the references are all really interesting and interested and good people, the members have been good examples to them. 

Tony is going to be baptized this saturday! we are really super excited and have been preparing him well and stuff. Hes super cool, but sure asks hard questions about like, the spirit world and stuff and if we are actually all like the matrix right now and just living in the spirit world and just dont know and we are preaching to him in the spirit world. We told him no, since we will know if we have bodies or not later, but wow it threw us for a loop. Hes crazy about reading stuff like the bible and the book of mormon, hes going to be really interesting in the sunday school classes. Get those teachers thinking and stuff. We are super happy to have him finally become our brother in the church. He really has changed a lot to become the man of faith he is today. Tells the whole world hes getting baptized and is inviting them all to come. Hes left so much behind for this, and it has been a priviledge to be a part of it. 

The other people we teach are a really old dude that Elder Nelson gave a baptism date to. He will get baptized if we can get someone to take him to church, since he knows its all true from reading the book of mormon and stuff. Hes just really old is all. This new couple we have is way more interested than we even originally thought, but its going to be hard to see them and the husband was super sick that day, so it was kind of a short and poor lesson. Otherwise its all reactivation of some but they are coming back most of the time and the converts finally all have positions and callings and are great except for one youth who needs to remember why he needs the sacrament and the church, he appears to have forgotten about God a bit. But hey, thats what we are here for is to remind people! If they dont accept us, well that is really too bad. Other cool thing, I found at the temple a member from my first ward here, and she had become a missionary! After waiting forever and having papers rejected, she is serving in the east now! And my convert, Javier, fromt here is still active and writes her! Anyway, that was super cool to see, it feels fulfilling to know no effort with anyone is ever wasted or forgotten.

Other cool stuff, we went to the beach again today but this time with the whole zone! The sea is very rejuvinating to see and stand in the salt water feels really good. It was super awesome! We made sand castles and stuff too, I hope I can send the pictures soon. I feel closest to home when I am there on the beach, since the ocean reminds me a lot of home and family. Its a wonderful thing.

Well, I hope everything continues onwards perfectly for everyone. I am always praying! Keep the faith, and remember no effort is wasted, and every part of us given to someone is never forgotten or in vain, rather it will change them forever.

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

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