Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sept 1st, 2014

Hey family!

I´m glad the trip went well and that the Linteris are doing better! Sounds really cool all the things you were able to do! The islands sound good and everything, and Im sure the shirt and tie in the dinghy was better than us walking around in the rain in shirt and tie haha. I miss being on boats a bit but at least I can talk to people about it sometimes and relate it to gospel principles (all the things my parents taught me through boats, hahaha).

Well, I was going to send a lot of really cool photos but I only have the camera cord with me right now and the camera just ran out of battery. Sorry! Next time. We went on a pretty big hike today to see three waterfalls, the biggest one being the last. It was really cool, but a rather long adventure of climbing lots of streams and stuff and lots of really tough hiking unexpectedly, kind of like our west coast adventures. In the end the hermanas were tougher than they looked and went out and conquered! So it was fun, I got really wet but got to stand almost underneath some waterfalls. I will send the pictures when possible. The district president took us. He got to go swimming, all we could do was wade around in the water and get our clothes super wet. But it was totally awesome and nice to at least go for a hike in the actually really beautiful countryside and mountains of Azua. Really beautiful!

So we go to the temple tomorrow, Yeah! Although, maybe without President, since he has to go to like a hearing of some sorts. He was in a car accident where this motorcycle hit his car. He and his wife are completely fine and the car really took no damage but the guys on the motorcycle broke a lot of bones and President was like detained in the police station for a while and didnt even get to the meeting he was going to. It was a really bad intersection. I like, thought of Ammon and his brothers at that time getting thrown into prison when they went to preach at first haha. But it looks like he will be alright, the two guys will live and recover to an extent and President wont go to prison for life. Not that the chrurch would let it happen. But the family isnt looking to press charges much. So I think it will be okay. Pray!

Other than all that excitement, things are normal. We are building up in excitement for Tony´s baptism and are finding a lot of new people lately. A crazy old guy who reads and knows the Book of Mormon is true, so thats nice, but its weird to teach him haha. A new family with a guy who legitimately admitted he doesnt have religious tendencies but he would like to (so rare in the DR). And yeah, a few other references that sort of havent progressed too much. Our little area is kind of strange to work in still. Elder Nelson is doing really well, although the office still doesnt have his flight itinerary which has him a little on edge haha. I am doing good, I feel pretty healthy and all. Its going super well here, I hope we keep it up! Things are looking good! Please keep praying your prayers and faith really make a difference out here!

I love you all! I´m a little out of time,  but have a great week until I can send photos!

Que el Señor les cuide,
Elder Sullivan

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