Monday, 22 September 2014

Sept 22nd 2014 - Leaving Azua

Hey everybody!

The countryside is pretty tame but you have to walk to all of it haha. I havent seen any dangerous bugs nor been told of any. All of whats going on at home sounds pretty good. Seminary looks busy and school and stuff, but it sounds like everyone is persevering well. I remember the food drive, always lots of fun. Lots of really neat stuff to do and see, yeah! Although, I dont think I would really think it very dangerous now after knocking on doors here haha. Well, I guess nothing overly bad has happened at the doors though. Sounds like temple work is really pushing hard, I hope so more here as well! At least familia minyetti is. Wow I miss the water haha. The storm hasnt affected us at all, but that sounds really bad over there in Mexico. Fuerzas, amigos! Hope seminary keeps on going well, and dont worry, the no answering questions thing is really common, people do it all the time out here. It means they´re not paying much attention or the message isnt quite reaching them on a high or spiritual level, so its good to force answers out of people haha, especially when it really matters. Questions are the best teachers for sure.

So, the big news is... I am leaving Azua! I will be heading off to the captial again, fairly close to where I was before. A little place called Herrera. Its got some fairly large supermarkets in it, and its big with lots of hills so should be fun! Ill be with a companion from Nicaragua, his name is Elder Suaso. Ive never met him out here on the mission, but I have been out here in the south for some time so, we´ll see haha. Sounds fun, part of a newly formed zone out of a bunch of areas from different zones. My house will be super latin apparently.

I spent the week teaching pretty normal until we had interviews on thursday, where President said I was leaving Azua. So then I had to do a lot of saying bye to everybody, getting photos and writings in my journal thing from them and lots of stuff like that. I will really miss the people here, and realize the most important thing I walk away with from them here now are the relationships and bonds I have formed out here. The love of God between all of us is the only thing that will keep binding us now. I get to keep contacting familia minyetti and im going to make concerted efforts to try and write letters back here lots to all the people. Each and every one is so important to me, and you´ve seen lots of them in the photos I´ve been sending. I hope that just like Alma I can return to them one day and find them still brothers in Christ, but even stronger, better and greater than before. My prayers shall stay with everyone. I left a photo of the family with familia minyetti, because I feel like they are part of the family now, so I carry a photo of them around everywhere and they shall now have one of us. I dont know how, but I hope that I see them all again. I invested a great deal of life and love into them, and them into me. 

But the new adventure will be good as well. Change will motivate me to do new things. Although we baptized a few and then retained and reactivated really well in Azua, Im a little sad I didnt leave much of an inheritance for the next guy. But I think they will be fine, and will have my people to take care of and keep active haha. It was really neat to see how far they have all come even up to now. Sora is a totally new person, so much more loving and awesome. She was the first person I´ve ever baptized, and used to be so sassy and blunt and sometimes lax, but she really picked it up at the end. Familia Minyetti has been a big work of love, meetings, running around, teaching and at last are full active members who even give a couple of references. Those three young men are active fully and even though they face a lot of challenges with reading, writing, attention, life, I really hope they become missionaries one day, and that I can read that on facebook and say congratulations. That finca lady is so sweet. Going to miss them all!

So I´ve finished my last parade in Azua, tonight we have one last night with Familia Calderon to share with them and Brian´s mom. Should be fun! Those cowboys haha. Last hurrah with the district is done. Those Hermanas sure are goofy, I wish I had done more for them but I suppose it was at least fun haha. That statue is a laugh.

Well, por adelante everybody! Keep the faith, keep the hope! Change is good, we just face it with another swing!

Ill let you know more about the new area next week!

Con todo mi amor,
Elder Sullivan

PS An interesting thing with the mission President. He talked with me about being the kind of missionary in which he can trust, and I read a thing by President Lorenzo Snow about being the kind of person in which the Lord can trust. He trusted so much in Moses that Moses´s opinion mattered greatly, because he had developed the kind of character in which the Lord could confide. I have felt the sudden need to be that kind of person, who the Lord can trust. Lorenzo Snow was willing to put his priesthood authority before the prophet and ask if he was worthy, and believes all LDS should be able to do the same with the Lord, ask Him to enter our hearts and guide us in His ways. I dunno, just an interesting thought. I hope all of us can always be like that, the kind of person that the Lord trusts. 

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