Monday, 27 October 2014

Oct 20th 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow everytime you write everything at home is different. Im glad the holidays went well and hope the regular lifestyle is not too hard going. The salmon run sure sounds cool, I hope you guys got to sample some of the bounty. I hope you have a nice trip Dad sailing again! Are you sure you havent retired already? Congrats for Tasha and the oboe playing and I hope to hear the music sometime. Most of the music around here is salsa and merengue and bachata, and the streets resound with it everyday. I have the chorus of some songs memorized. Im glad the seminary thing is all working out, its really too bad I failed it haha. I hope everything goes well at home especially the health scene. 

Oh and yes the mission president is just fine. In fact hes super awesome! He is really animated and likes to joke around haha. In the zone conference he set a new goal for the mission, and he calls it the pulse. He is really athletic and is a cyclist and he talked about the cronometer and how we need one in the mission. So he took the average numbers needed to baptize one person and reactive one person every month, and put those as the new minimum pulse. So we all have to work at a new level. I really liked the comparison, since Ive been really getting into working out and stuff. You always have to push the body, show it who has dominion. I really like to work out until break point, so hopefully I can apply it better to missionary work as well. Elder Herrmann gave me CDs for the P90X workout program, so Im pretty excited and already have one week down of the exercises. Its nice that theyre only 30 minutes so I always get through them with time to get ready and stuff in the morning. Hopefully we see results in both the spiritual and physical, so we can start the salvation of the soul, seeing as the soul is the body and spirit. I put some new posters up in the house about working out for my compadres, I hope the advice is taken. 

I wrote a handwritten letter with more of the things said by Elder Cornish, so Ill leave that to reach you guys... whenever that may be. The gist of the conference was that we need to supervise and organize ourselves better and break out of our conception of what we can achieve as missionaries. They really want us to set new standards and goals and execute, so I think that is what well do!

This week on saturday we are going to have a little temple grounds tour and discussion with two families that are iffy on the whole marriage thing. One family we are teaching, of whom I spoke last time and one from the other two missionaries. We really hope it can change their minds and focus them more on what Gods plan is in place of the bathroom or whatever other doubts still hold them. We will also be taking some recent converts to do some baptisms for their ancestors which will be really nice. A very family focused week, which is great because thats the way it should be. Our investigators are still somewhat without direction, although we almost set a baptism date with the guy who is studying medicine, (almost all our investigators are med students) but he shut us down. He said he believes in the story of Joseph Smith though at the front of the BOM so, faith starts with a little seed. I really want to see him progress, hes funny and totally in love with a member from our ward haha. Shes too sarcastic and mean I think, but if hes happy about it....

Anyway, its still been lots of fun. I hope we can change Herrera from its laxitivity into success overnight haha. We had some fun seeing the rich sections of town for an activity we did with a different ward where we invited a bunch of people to a conference they were having. Wow, the rich here sure are rich and like to show it off. Im kind of glad we arent proselyting there, it kind of looks like nobody lets you in. Met a cool member from Atlanta Georgia who married a Dominican and so he lives here, really close to the president of the country and the mission haha. The ride around the city was pretty neat, and how cool to be in an air conditioned car wearing a seat belt haha, although later in the back of a truck haha. 

All in all, thank you family for always supporting me. I will always hold that dear and continue onwards with faith. I hope that everything continues well at home and constantly pray for your safety so that I can return with great happiness to find all safe and even stronger than before.

Que el SeƱor les cuide hasta que nos volvamos a ver,

Elder Sullivan

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