Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sept 29th in Herrera

Hey everybody!

So, here in Herrera! I am serving in a ward now, which is kind of different. More organized and stuff. We are a four man apartment, and its pretty small the apartment. I dont have to lead our four man district (YES). Yeah Elder Suazo is from Nicaragua and he only speaks spanish so thats more fun that we speak spanish now. The other two in the house are a chicano (which means an american who speaks spanish) and hes training a new guy from Las Vegas. So thats kind of neat.

So the adventures sure are interesting! You guys bought another boat? Just so everyone can make even more fun of me out here for having boats? Well, its sounds pretty neat I hope it all works out! A faster bigger one haha yes! Dont worry about seminary Mom, the kids get something out of it! I have yet to play rugby out here. The young men played like full contact tackle rugby? Wow, its actually pretty dangerous when you dont know what you´re doing they should probably just play touch haha. Nice to know the rugby ball gets used though. Wow you guys are doing lots with church and everything, the kind of members that missionaries like to have haha.

Well this week was mostly a week of adjustment. The captial here is really different full of toxicated air and lots of cars and stuff like that. Herrera is super hilly so we are up and down all day, walking little tiny alleyways and stairways and stuff. Way more exercise haha. And way more people to see, there are so many houses and people. They are at least somewhat interested and its pretty fun. Never taught so many new people before since starting the mission, and never really had to do so much contacting and teaching new people in Azua. The work is a little different in the capital so far. I would say its a lot harder, since there is so much to do. I always tell people I come from the countryside, because I cant stand paying so much for vegetables and fruits especially bananas and I keep on almost dying on the street from all the cars and stuff. The whole crowded thing is super weird, and the streets are really noisy, but the house is really quiet since there is no more colmado underneath. Being in a ward is nice, the organizations all run smoother and we dont have to be present for everything that happens and strengthening the ward so much. But it still needs lots of work, they only have 3 baptisms as a ward with 4 missionaries this entire year. Obviously we arent doing something right haha. But its been pretty awesome. We went to a supermarket today and my mind is still a little blown about how big it was and how amazing all the stuff was. 

Elder Suazo is an awesome Nicaraguan! We have lots of fun hanging out, hes super short though but really happy and likes to joke around. His knowledge of the bible is super impressive, we´ve had a couple bashes and have won so thoroughly that this one really nasty evangelical lady by the end gave us a ride to our next appointment and wants to have the missionaries visit her because of our vast knowledge of the gospel haha. So we´ll send somebody over there, hopefully they are ready to deal with her. She likes to shout. It was super convincing for the investigator as well, the promise of you shall not be confounded before men really is true. If you have the Spirit you cannot lose!

Other than that we sure teach a lot of Haitians. Lots of new people, lots of bible use, and Im still getting super lost in the hugeness of the concrete jungle.

Well I hope this week goes really well, Im always praying!

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

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