Monday, 6 October 2014

October 6th 2014

Hey everybody, I forgot to take pictures this week, sorry!

Wow, the boat is really really nice! Looks fast and yet, quite a lot more luxurious haha. It will probably be a big hit. I´m glad that general conference went so well for everyone. Lots of great lessons to learn in any language (here it was spanish, kind of strange to always listen to translators instead of the actual people, but Elder Christoffersen´s ¨muy buenos dias¨ got a good laugh out of all of us). The spanish speakers was really appreciated here. The internet was fuzzy at times and so a lot of things were interrupted, especially the prayers, a lot of which just cut out before finishing. Ah well, the wonders of technology here in the DR. Happy birthday again Mom! Im glad it was super great! Sorry I wasnt around to clean the garage! Enjoy the ocean at high cruising speed!

So, this week was fairly normal other than the conference. We got one of our haitian investigators to come for a session! Yeah! I guess we concinved him with all that talk of the Restoration (more likely, the Spirit convinced him that it was a least a little bit true so he came to find out!). Unfonrtunately, his church attendance will only ever be every other week due to his medical internship. But hes really cool, lots of questions always questions us about the Restoration and if it really could have happened and evidence of the BOM in the bible and stuff. But hes doing his part so it should be pretty cool! His name is Micoh (sounds like how Po Po says my name), and hopefully it works out, one of these days I may testify in french for him if the moment arrives haha. Our other investigators are still lagging a bit behind, someone here in Herrera needs to read the BOM other than the members, who are actually super awesome and faithful and do missionary work, yet the ward only carries 3 baptisms this whole year. So something is up. Hopefully we can do something about it haha.

That nice house in the photos is not our house by the way haha. That was somebody we helped move. Our house is a classic mission house. Its clean right now though, we just cleaned everything in it. It would be nice to have a couch one day. But it probably wont happen. Running water is nice though.

Ummm, other things.... some kid always talks to me about video games and anime that we visit. Hes cool, but too lazy to go to church even though he goes to night time seminary? Weird, but hes kind of cool.

Something really cool about conference I noticed was that the apostoles and prophet are asking us to be better. Elder Packer said if the spirituality of the members does not increase, the numbers of missionaries and new members will never matter, so we better do better haha. Lots of talk about a testimony, how its obtained and why its important. I notice that missionaries often have stronger testimonies just for doing the simple things we do, like bear it frequently, live more worthy, read the scriptures and do good for the Lord. Every person needs a personal witness of all truth, but its only found if you look. So I keep looking, even though the mind can fill with doubt, the heart doesnt. And even though no one can attack the church and win, its still more important for them to know personally from God than from our words of defense. I liked what Elder Oaks said about how to treat all people with love and not contend, its an attitude I hope to adopt more here in the mission.

Well, I love you all and hope everything goes really well. Remember to not be like the battleship Bismarck and venture alone. Look for friends and for God!

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

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