Monday, 19 January 2015

Dec 29 2014


Nice to hear that christmas went well, I hope Mexico is just as great! Thanks for the university stuff too. I hope Tasha has fun outside the house, Yeah! I wish all the young men great success, and they should all know that a mission for the Lord is a big win for you and so much happiness for so many people its crazy. I hope the whole family is well, and thank them all for the awesome Christmas gifts and things and cards! I really appreciate it! The lego is awesome, I think as the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars geeks we are Elder Reed and I will enjoy it, also I really like the star wars thumb war thing, Im still not very good at it but its really cool haha! The other guys kept disarming me but one day I will bring balance to the force. All the stuff is awesome! I flew the santa plane thing, it actually flies I was surprised.

Sorry about no photos again, I left my camera at home! The week has been cool, I mean, no one is really home because they are all out of town and stuff but we find people here and there. Cruz Maria just got married today and is already off on her honeymoon (woooah). No one came to church on sunday haha, investigator class was empty. But the people are doing good, we are hoping still that in January we can at least achieve one baptism still. We are having fun anyway, but its kind of weird to have so few people to teach haha. At least we are teaching a lot of the less actives, and it was nice for them to pass the christmas well together with us. The whole christmas and new years thing is kind of breaking up the routine a lot, Im not sure how much I like it haha. But we are still moving forward. We had some nice food at least (traditinal cool kind of tamale things especially yum). And we have a few people progressing with the book of mormon so thats nice. We hope they get baptized, gotta take the step of faith haha.

Well, Im kind of drawing blank on what else happened. Oh some lady named Janet we teach is reading the book and praying and doing these cool things but cant come to church. She said though she had never asked in prayer if the church or the book or anything was true, so, we gave her the story from Ether about the bro of jared and the stones thing, and that first she needed to make the stones (read, come to church, do good) and then pray so that they would make light! It was also in jest of her excuse about the light leaving all the time so she cant read or pray as much as she would like, so she needs to pray for her rocks to make light. Cool story! 

Well have a great week everyone, you´re in my prayers and hopes always,

Siempre con amor,

Elder Sullivan

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