Monday, 19 January 2015

Jan 5 2015


Hey everyone!

Thanks for the pictures family, the gates and barred windows on the church building are super familiar to me haha. holidays sound great at least interesting, I hope it all goes very well!

As may have been noted in the photos, we spent new years day out in the city. First in an extremely closed mall where the only thing open was the food court, so we ate there and proceeded to walk around blindly on a little adventure. We ended up finding the ocean somehow after a decent little jaunt on a little lookout thing. We stayed there for a bit before returning to the metro station and getting preached to by a pentecoastal guy on the train. The city was so dead on new years day. But I guess new years eve was pretty exciting. We visited some people (the three people still at home) and lost dominoes again with the old people. Then we watched some disney movies because we had to go home so early and Elder Laws and I waited for the fireworks at midnight. We went and watched them on the roof, shooting all around the city. Quite a sight, since I think its illegal in other places to do the same. But here we can shoot them where we want, and thats what happened. A whole bunch of noise and light for about half an hour, and some lanterns went floating around as well, making the light show complete (funny that we had just seen that movie tangled right before the lanterns went out in real life haha). They also burned a bunch of wood in the streets and the music, dancing and overall festivity was intense. The next day nobody except for me got up I think in the whole city haha. 

So that was new years, some of the least exciting proselyting though, since almost no one was around, no ward activities or nothing and lots of the members left too sooooo... it was kind of just us for a bit. But this week looks a little better, and by the 10th everyone should be back we think. Cruz Maria is married now.... doesnt seem that different though. We met her sick brother, he looks super inflated with a bunch of swelling all over his body, they are dialatying (I dont know how its spelt) his kidneys. She is praying a lot for him and so do we, hopefully he can get better. So far he is already beating the odds. We had a nice time with some of the less actives we teach lately, and a few are basically reactivated and such and its nice that they like to see us now and we have lots of fun with them. Strange how the gospel just makes people happier and more at peace with themselves. We also had a bit of a showdown with one of our older investigators who is a little atheist. He finally kind of opened up on his whole lack of faith thing, talking about how why cant Jesus still just be alive and convince everyone of the truth, he really thinks that just with a single thought God can change peoples minds and just have them convert right there. We tried to explain to him that it wasnt like that, its all an experience but hes still firm on his stance that God just changes us with his mind if he wants and he supposes that God doesnt love him because he hasnt given him a confirmation of the truth. Well, with this attitude he will never find the truth since he has to get that confirmation himself. It isnt given, its obtained. He almost offended me, saying he knew how I think, that really I was a believer just because I was raised like that and so I gave him a piece of my mind on that and said he should stop supposing to know how I think and who I am and he got really apologetic after haha. So, we hope he can turn it around and stop feeling so tormented and without peace just because he keeps saying he has no faith. If you say you are something, that is how you will be. But we havent given up yet!

Other than that, not much has happened. We went to the mall again today since it was open that was cool. Kind of strange to be amongst the really wealthy and stuff... it was fun. Some funny things happened that I cant really recall right now but Im sure sometime Ill remember.

Have a nice week, 
Con todo mi amor,

Elder Sullivan

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