Monday, 19 January 2015

Jan 12 2015

Hey everyone!

Thanks family for the pictures, looks like the adventures went really well! A little bit of the high seas, arr! Luck for Tasha in the new living experience!

So life is pretty interesting here. Interviews with President tomorrow, so lots of repentance going on (haha kidding) but we might get mail (well, probably not actually) but I always hope haha. We had some meetings and stuff, ward council finally happened and we tried to make a ward mission plan. That went um.... well? and I think we agreed on some goals and plans for the year, but Im not sure how much follow up will be occurring. At least the members have agreed to come with us to lessons and stuff and we are doing a little better on that front. Make the slaves work hahahaha kidding we are the slaves.

The week was good, we taught some stuff. I gave Cruz Maria a boche (a talk) about how only wearing her wedding band ¨sometimes¨or ¨basically never¨ is not a good thing. Her whole being married thing is still kind of non existent haha, its like she´s still single but every so often calls an old guy who sometimes comes for extended honeymoons or something. All in all, we wish that she had instead dropped him and fallen in love with our ward mission leader who is like 35 and in need of a wife. They are best friends now and stuff and like chill in church and at her house and stuff so I dont see why she married the other guy. Well you can´t win ´em all.

Also a cool story, we found this investigator while contacting some apartment buildings. Originally, we had contacted this lady at a door and she said we could come back on a different day. So we did, and some guy greeted us at the door while he was taking out his garbage. We asked if the lady was around, he said she didnt live there. So we asked if he had time to talk, and he said yes. We started talking a bit, and he told us basically his life story. He was in a lot of trouble since his business was failing and debt was destroying his marital relationship, he had just been cleaning up the house to try and make hsi wife happier when she came back. Life was pretty sad for him and he wasn´t really getting anywhere with the business, wife, friends and such. He said just before coming out to take out the garbage, he had thrown himself on his bed and prayed, asking for some kind of guidance and help from God. And we happened to show up at his door, looking for someone else. So that was nice, we are supposed to teach him more soon, he might be a really good investigator, but at least, for that one day, he felt better about himself and that God cares and looks out for him. People are very trusting of those who they recognize as people of God, and if we try to listen and just be caring, people often open up and let us know how we can help. Its part of our calling in this world, bless where we are.

Other cool stories, some people came back from the campo into the city so we can teach them again. One guy though is still away, his mom always points out the door a different direction every time and says ¨no hes still over there¨. His sister explained that hes still out in san juan though. We saw an ¨Iglesia de Dios inc.¨ so I guess the pastors thought it was time to get into business, or the Lord needed more money (Im not going to guess the latter, His church is already got lots of that without any business help haha). We also found this rehab organization that is run by an inactive member, so he wants us to teach some of the people who live there and himself as well, so that could be an interesting opportunity, we are having a family home evening kind of thing with them tonight. We set some new baptism dates finally with some young guys and their mom, although just one or two of them really seems overly interested, they are promising. The 14 year old (all the kids are named luis, and so is their dad) always reads and says he prays lots and said he would come to church this week so it sounds good. Victory! We got rained on again on the way to the church and got super soaked, but its all good apparently it makes my wife hotter for every drop of rain on the head, so she probably just went for a jog and lost weight yesterday hahaha. 

Well, thats mostly what happened. People are doing well, the new year is lookin pretty good.

Hasta luego,

Elder Sullivan

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